I had so many plans. Wouldn't it be good if I saw that guy on the train and tapped him on the shoulder and said something like: I saw the look you gave my son yesterday and I'm thinking you might want to hit the confessional this Sunday.
But I didn't see him. Instead of him I spotted the couple I like.
The couple I like is absolutely adorable.
He's in his late twenties and has a hipster beard and a great tattoo.
She's in her mid twenties and has cascading blond hair that she scoops up in a band and piles on top of her head.
He works on a laptop and she studies fat textbooks with index cards. They snuggle and kiss and leave me feeling better about the whole world.

When I got into town I stopped at Whole Foods and put together a care package for my pal A.

She's doing okay but I think she could use a lift.
(Now wondering if I took the price off the bottom of the Rescue Remedy box.)
The kit includes cedar for smudging, a candle for centering, a really soft headband (she's rocking the headbands) and a stack of those typography cards.

Like this one

and this one

and I had it all sent over to her house and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

AND, while many of my colleagues are in Germany at the moment, I've also arranged for a boatload of this to be delivered to the office on Friday afternoon.

In other words, things?


Mary said…
That quote about the bowlines is one I put on my blog a while back - it gave me great comfort and a kind of relief.
Terese said…
You are one of the best friends to have either online or in person. Thanks for sharing your heartfeltness.
Ginnie said…
Excellent that things are looking up! And the Rescue Remedy did wonders for our dog when he became anxious about car rides.
mizz_b said…
bb, you are full of awesome. Your family, friends, and blog readers are so very lucky to have your presence in our lives.
So many good things in this post...the cards, the Sam Adams, the sweet couple on the train.
Anonymous said…
The couple on the train would give me hope, too.
You give good care packages.
Paola said…
Absolutely love that second quote.
Anonymous said…
What a good friend you are. And your act of kindness made you feel better too, which is nice.

Lover Lady said…
Holy shit. It's like I was reading my own blog. I have that SAME EXACT Churchhill card. It hangs on my fridge. That "20 years" quote resides on the first page of my day planner. It is my life mantra. (BTW, Mark Twain said it.) And I JUST TODAY bought Sam Adams Octoberfest based on the recommendation of a friend from my blog. Are you my cuter/more petite/more chic twin?!? :)