Time is fleeting.

I know.
I'm barely here.
This week I have a cold.
That's my excuse.
I came home each evening and had some dinner and fell into bed. I fell asleep during both halves of the HBO George Harrison documentary, I'm ashamed to say.

In the meantime, things in my house continue to wear out. First the grout in the upstairs bathroom (now repaired save for the hole in the dining room ceiling) then the sheets (now replaced with 800 thread-count, my they're heavy!) and, most recently, the clock in the dining room. K spent seven dollars on a new mechanism to no avail. It runs slow - and one doesn't realize how often one glances, casually, at the wall to check the time, until there IS no time there.
So, I'm browsing.

I'd love to do this

 but it's too expensive. (Tibor Kalman's Askew)

 The old one looked like this
 which now seems very oil-rubbed bronzey for me.
This ticks me off! (Ha! Clock pun!) Sold as a French antique, it is made in China!

This is nice, isn't it?


NOT $349 NICE!

Then there's this, which takes my breath.

$600 of my breath.
I'd so love a wry cuckoo. (Talk amongst yourselves.)

So, where does that leave us?


K doesn't like it in red.

Too chauncey.


Too survived-a-house-fire.


 Too font-y.

A contender.


 Quite possibly the winner.

 Care to weigh in?


Anonymous said…
Last 2. Feel better.
Mary said…

I have always wanted a cuckoo clock. Yet fear it might do my head in.
raych said…
Heavy bedding = ideal sleepy times. Must acquire some 800-thread-count sheets.
jo said…
Sorry K, the red one hangs off the end of our stainless steel vent hood like a sentry in a diner. I love it.
Anonymous said…
I like the red dots on the last one. You had some really spot-on descriptions for the others, by the way. Too survived-house-fire is GOOD.

Feel better soon.

Paola said…
My favourite is the first but don't know the price so next in line is the last.
But the $349? Gorgeous.
I agree with K on the no no for the red one.
Another cold? You seem to be too easily attacked by colds and sore throats ... Feel better soon!
I vote for the last one.
$600 for a clock? No.
Hilary said…
Feel better... I liked the $347 one the best...figures...story of my life.... we just had to get a new clock for our kitchen (it took forever to pick one out online - so many options), and we picked out a realy modern one... Black with just the numbers 12, 3, 6 & 9 floating with white hands...
Anonymous said…
Second to last or last one. Sweet simplicity.
L.P. said…
Sorry you're sick-- hope you feel better soon. Lots of hot liquids!

My vote is for the last one, I love the little running-guy logo. Classic.
alice c said…
The first one would do my head in so I'm voting for the one before the last one.
readersguide said…
I love the red one. Some friends of mine have it in their dark aqua kitchen.
The Coffee Lady said…
I'm too busy laughing at the house fire one.
Kate said…
i like the last one....but i have to say...i like it better in red...
Duyvken said…
So, what did you get? You could always buy one that has a nice shape and hands and print out a face that you like to slip in it. You could do your own irregular numbers if you liked.
Anonymous said…
"too survived a house fire." Ha!
We replaced our kitchen clock with the basic silver framed one from Target. I would've liked something pretty, but I was in a hurry--no time to look around (pun back at you).
whitneybee said…
I have the possible winner hanging in my kitchen, and I kind of love it.