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Two witty blogs...I'll be presumptuous and say I might be able to contribute to the first, but I know I'm not in touch enough to even presume to handle the second, which is funny as all hell.


It's been gloomy on the train the past week but I happened to look up as we were crossing the harbor and it was moody and wet and lovely. I'd like to blow the back of the house out about ten or twelve feet and correct the closet situation upstairs, the dining room issue downstairs and make a laundry room.


If I had a laundry room like this I do believe I would like doing laundry more than I do now.
And I like doing laundry now. 

Do you buy this stuff? oscillo

I cannot begin to tell you how many times this stuff has kept one of us from becoming really sick. It staves off/lessens the effects of all many of cold/flu/respiratory ailments. And, tis the season!


I saw this somewhere and thought: What the hell kind of life would I have if I had time to catalogue all those spare buttons and thread thusly?! I know this: if that's how I kept my spare buttons/thread you can be sure that my bedroom (a place of solace and luxury. NOT.) would not look the way
it does.




The sweetest Max costume.


Crazy Mom! said…
I drool over the laundry room.

Max is darling!
Hilary said…
That laundry room is dreamy
Lover Lady said…
I just spent 30 minutes reading Suri's Burn Book. LOL funny. Thanks for sharing.
Paola said…
... me too Bunny ...
I think Suri could grow up to be a real train wreck.

Love the laundry room. I have a laundry closet *sigh*
RW said…
oh the sink!
I really wanted a sink like that in my kitchen but, it is not going to happen because it is not just replacing the sink -
Anonymous said…
Oh, pretty laundry rooms.
My girlfriend tipped me to Suri's Burn Book about a month ago. It's funny.
You could write the Anthroparodie posts. Totally.
Caterina said…
That laundry room is heaven! Seriously, what I wouldn't give.

@LMSS -- I have a luandry closet too *double sigh*