Dinner? Panko crusted catfish with K's homemade hot sauce, rice and beans.
Thank you, Mom.

Mikayla got sent home and Edna is at camp complaining. The merge is discussed, the blowup at Tribal is mentioned and Coach points out that Brandon might have to go.

It's day 17 and we are on Redemption Island.
Take apart a crate and build a bridge, take the bridge apart and build a puzzle.
Christine vs. Mikayla.
Christine leads slightly but it's pretty even. Christine leads going in to the puzzle building section and she wins.
Mikayla's adventure comes to an end. She cries as she leaves.
Christine has won five challenges.

Ozzy and Cochran have a conversation. Ozzy thinks they should stick together. Ozzy thinks they should send him to Redemption Island so he can beat Christine and return to his camp.
This is a fascinating scheme, don't you think?
Cochran is pleased because it insures him another week.

Coach is doing his praying yoga thing in the water. Or maybe its tai chi. Or chai tea.
He prays for a victory, in Jesus' name.
One of Coach's teammates thinks it's icky to pray to Jesus for the idol when he already has it and is lying to the team...and we think we agree.
They discover tree mail and read that they need to paint themselves...and they pretend that they've just found the idol.
Brandon thinks it's wonderful that god sent them the idol just minutes after they prayed for it.

But it's time for the challenge...with painted faces and bodies.
The winner gets to see the new Adam Sandler movie and have movie food.
Painted as twins, callers must lead twins through obstacles toward masks which must be matched up.
The competition is fierce! It's a tough contest, but the blue team wins!

While they rejoice Ozzy has a tantrum.
He's very frustrated.
Cochran reminds us that Ozzy had planned to go to Redemption Island but will that plan stick now that they lost?

The blue team love the movie and the candy and have a wonderful time and Coach tells us how close they are as a team, as a family.

And the losers? Ozzy can't fathom how Cochran could have messed up so badly and they decide to send him to Redemption Island. They tell him how he can win against Christine but he knows better.
He says he doesn't want to be a hero and win. They bolster him but he's not buying it.

In the morning they are still miserable. Ozzy tells us about how he suggested he'd go to Redemption Island and he talks again about doing it. He brings the Idol to camp and describes his plan. Cochran explains that he won't do as well as the team would wish. Members of the tribe think Cochran should go because he deserves to.  They go to Tribal Council.

Ozzy explains his plan to Jeff. He tells us the plan...making Cochran a villain and double agent. All of this is based on the idea that the teams will merge in the morning.
Jeff reminds him that they may not merge - that Ozzy could lose.
Other team members express their concerns. They cannot afford to go to another challenge without Ozzy.
But Ozzy gives the idol to Cochran and the votes are read.
He goes to Redemption Island.
Very exciting!
Will the merge be next?
Will Ozzy win?
Will Cochran give the idol back?


Anonymous said…
bb, you write excellent Survivor recaps. I feel like I am watching...even though I stopped doing so this season. (Best TV decision ever, by the way; I don't miss it at all.)

Your dinner sounds like it was amazing. Makes my mouth water, actually.