I'm eating Mallomars!
Coach might be an asshole, just saying.
Am I the only person who thinks Cochran could have invented Facebook?
Ozzy's got some head of hair, eh?

It's night 14. Ozzy talks about the blindside and proclaims himself a free agent. Really.
Yes, Mom says, his friends went behind his back.
He tells them he has the idol.
(What a jerk!)

In the morning, Ozzy is fishing and telling us that the tribe has to trust him.
His team feel he should apologize and are surprised at his attitude.
Of course, the more problems he makes, the happier Cochran is.

At the blue camp they are having breakfast and Coach is telling us about his alliances. Brandon is looking around for the idol and finds a clue. He doesn't know that Coach has the idol. Will Coach continue to lie to him? Brandon can search as long as he wants to...he'll never find it and Albert advises Coach to keep the idol's ownership a secret.

We find ourselves on Redemption Island. Christine will battle Elise in a Survivor version of shuffleboard. It's kind of a boring challenge. Christine wins - her fourth duel - and remains on Redemption Island. Elise goes home.
Rick says Christine has a fire in her eyes and will return to camp ready to kill!

Sophie (blue team) describes to the team how dangerous Christine will be if she comes back.
Edna hustles to get close to Coach as she's worried about alliances.
Coach falls for it.
He tells her that Mikayla is the next to go.

On the red team Ozzy thinks he may have made a mistake having a tantrum. Keith levels with Ozzy and helps him make peace with the team.

The Immunity Challenge the teams will race to assemble a wheelbarrow, collect coconuts, take the wheelbarrow apart, build a slingshot and shoot targets. Complicated enough?
The prize? A picnic lunch at a natural waterslide.
The red team wins...and Mikayla did not play well. We fear this will haunt her.

Off to the Sliding Rocks!
Coach says Mikayla will go home.

Ozzy and his team enjoy the picnic and K doesn't like bringing back the former Survivor stars. He feels it keeps the team from choosing their own leaders.
I think the Sliding Rocks look uncomfortable.

The blue team work on who's going home...Mikayla? Edna? Coach says Mikayla.
Albert tells Mikayla he can save her.
Albert lobbies for Edna to be voted out.
Brandon wants to be a man of his word. He works very hard to be a good person, to outlive Russell's reputation.
Coach argues to keep Edna.
Albert disagrees.
Coach talks to Rick about who to vote for.
It sounds like it's three vs. three.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asks Coach what happened and if there is talk about the merge.
Who's going?
Brandon lays it all out on the table - he explains that the team is divided and challenges the them to vote together.
Jeff counts the votes, Mikayla goes to Redemption Island.


Anonymous said…
Part of me misses Coach a little when I read these. But it's a teeny tiny part. I think he IS what you said up top. Not might be, IS. Amusing, though.

And OMG, I haven't had a Mallomar in years, and now getting my hands on some is all I can think about.

Paola said…
Yes, but did you have for dinner?
readersguide said…
Me, too! (The mallomars -- I'm eating them, too.)