We're saddened to hear about Steve Jobs.

We tune in after watching some news and notice that Elise and Ozzy are snuggling up. Her teammates think it might be interesting to vote her out.

And Russell Jr.? He's a PITA. Every day is a struggle he tells us, but he's struggling to be a better person. I feel like he's just as crazy as his uncle. Edna worries about her alliances.

A basket of bathing suits arrives and everyone is delighted to see them. And I'm happy they are finally showing us how the teams GET bathing suits each season.
They suit up and go off to Redemption Island.
There's a bathing suit fashion show of sorts.
All the women have pierced navels, I think. I ought to check into that, don't you think?

At Redemption Island, Brandon apologizes some more and we watch a sand-bag tossing challenge.
Christine does well against Papa Bear...but it gets tied up, and then Christine wins.

At the blue tribe they are making coffee and asking who wants milk...who has milk? How are they keeping milk? Did I miss something?
People are getting aggravated with Edna. She's a little chatty. And giggly.

Cochran is allied with Jim...and I know their names, which is something. And Dawn is the woman in her 40's? A Mormon? I'm learning my way.

Time for Immunity Challenge.
Team members must hold a pole on their shoulders with weighted bags on them.
26 minutes later the players have between 160 and 200 pounds of weights on their shoulders.
Keith struggles and loses (red team).
Albert falls and is out (blue team).
Jim and Brandon hold 240 - making Survivor history.
Jim gives up first and Brandon struggles but is out as well.
Dawn and Stacy are left standing.
It's painful to watch
Dawn wins! We are very excited!
She wins chickens for her team.

Stacy feels she did well even though she lost the challenge and realizes she may go to Redemption Island. Coach tries to encourage her and the team - which sounds like baloney to me.
Edna is worried about being voted out and Stacy does nothing to encourage her.
Stacy states her case to Coach.
She talks to Brandon.
She stirs up trouble.
There are people on the team we don't even recognize.
Coach tries to put the lid on Brandon.
Sophie thinks Brandon is trouble. Coach thinks Brandon might be trouble.

At Tribal Council, Jeff plays a game wherein he asks what annoys people about each tribe member. This, of course, stirs up emotions.
Mikayla talks about the problems with Brandon.
He breaks down and cries.
Brandon wants to reclaim the family name in a positive light.
But shouldn't the votes be based on trust, Jeff wonders.

They vote.
Stacy and Edna get votes...but Stacy gets more and goes.
The team rise to hug her but she scoots past them and she goes off to Redemption Island.

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. We've admired you.


Anonymous said…
So sad about Steve Jobs. Will Apple ever find another visionary like him?
Paola said…
... and he worked right up until the end ...
Too soon, I say.