pretty things

I'm resisting the urge to Pin and am posting these pretty things instead. For now.

Some lovely Lanvin shoes. How much is 465 pounds sterling anyway?

You killed Brooklyn. Yeah. You.
Perfect shirt for Middle.

A link from brother L. Read it now, it won't be up for long.

This would be so nice in my office.

These would be nice on our mantle.

For the dining room.

I really must figure out that exchange rate.


L.P. said…
I'm totally Pinning those Lanvin shoes.
Happydog said…
OMG I laughed out loud at the link to the car....and yeah Maple Ridge is one of the cities of the lower mainland around Vancouver BC where I live. You know how they say stereotypes work because there's just enough truth to fit....well yeah this pretty much sums up the Maple Ridge stereotype, though the writing is stellar....
Crazy Mom! said…
Those Lanvin shoes look like they might have taps on them. Kinda like ones Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle wore when they sand "Putting on the Ritz" in Young Frankenstein.
RW said…
maple ridge link is hilarious.
just over the bridge from me.
liking the light fixture alot.

hey.... do you remember that t-shirt place you linked too a long time ago... lots of cool shirts with cool graphics... do you think you could send me the link again?
Paola said…
Forget the £ ...

I so want to meet the Maple Ridge dude.

I just purchased a pair of shoes very similar to those, in grey.
Anonymous said…
You have such lovely, eclectic taste. I wish ALL of those things could show up in boxes on your doorstep.

Jan said…
Oooh, that wire wall
Anonymous said…
£ = pound sterling, which is the uk's currency, but speaks more specifically of the british pound, One £ has rested in the $1.60 range for the last while. One £ = 100 pence. a quid is the same as a pound. Slang like we use the term a buck, or bucks.

You'll have to let me show you around central london sometime. Its a magical place.
blackbird said…
You take me too seriously, L. I know the value of the pound, sterling or quid - I'm just too lazy to check the day's exchange rate.