With a significant percentage of our co-workers in Germany last week, KT and I wondered if there was a way to lift the spirits of those remaining. KT is now attending business school and was inspired.
A mini Octoberfest!
Beer was immediately ordered.


Pretzels were procured.


And, at 3pm (beer o'clock!) we assembled in the Open Design Area.


It was a wonderful impromptu party...


Which got slightly more serious after 5pm.


Funny, we had a gathering at 3:00 at my office, too. Only instead of beer and pretzels, it was animosity and knives. Ouch, they still hurt!
Hilary said…
Glad to know there are others who get to drink at work too! We had a mini vodka tasting at my office the other day....
Paola said…
Love your work place more and more each day.
Anonymous said…
I should throw myself a beer party on Fridays. Thanks for the idea.
Ginnie said…
Were you standing on the table to take these?! Looks like a great party.
blackbird said…
I was! I was standing on the table!
Ginnie said…
Ah, the lengths you'll go to indulge us! Thank you.

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