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I received two catalogues in the mail yesterday: J.Jill and Jack Wills.
I was flipping through JackWills thinking: hmm, this is somewhat interesting stuff, I could use an anorak like that but might the whole look be a bit young for me? when I noticed the cover reads: Jack Wills: University Outfitters. So, yes, young for me.
J.Jill, on the other hand seems to be trying to convince me they aren't too old for me. I did see some things I liked there too but the tip-off on J.Jill is that all of their pants have elasticized waists which leads me to believe they are A: riffing on Eileen Fisher and 2. for older ladies.

And, as I sit here contemplating, I've just seen a TJ Maxx commercial. How is it that everything on the commercial looks snappy and nice but I've never seen a single thing I'd buy there? Why is that?
And what about Ann Taylor, trying so hard to look sexy with Demi Moore, why is there nothing I'd touch there?

J convinced me to run over to Loehmann's with her on Friday. (Loehmann's is like Marshalls but very upscale.)
She had her eye on a gorgeous mossy green suede bag and wanted my opinion. It was beautiful and she bought it but first we wandered up to the special floor with the real designer things. She was eyeing a significant cashmere sweater jacket and I was eyeing some Helmet Lang. But, honestly, I find these things easily forgotten and tend to spend very little on my clothes. I like the idea of the pricey black skirt with the interesting details but am very happy with the one for one third less. I think the only time I'd spend "real money" might be for a coat.

Finally, I am this close (makes her fingers close together) to canceling my ad contract with BlogHer. It earns me a paltry sum of money and it's ugly (gah! pink!) and endorses some things of which I do not approve such as the princessing of young girls.
Perhaps it's time to shop around.

It's Sunday, which is nice, and it's 55, and it feels like fall.


Hilary said…
Loehmann' that place (but you got to get lucky)
zephyr said…
it does feel a bit like psychic whiplash to have 3 Barbies smiling at me from you blog.
Jen on the Edge said…
We went to a Jack Wills store while we were in England last spring and my girls and their British friends were utterly enthralled. (When Poppy was in England this summer, I suggested that she take her girl shopping at JW, because I had a feeling it would be right up her alley.)

We just got a JW store down here -- on of only about a half dozen in college towns/preppy communities in the U.S. (In fact, I think there are a couple not too far from you.) Naturally, my girls begged to go shopping on opening day. JW clothes are rather overpriced so thus far, my girls have limited their shopping to socks and other accessories. Grace saw one really cute striped French sailor t-shirt there, but then remembered that it was half the price at L.L.Bean, so she decided that the JW label wasn't worth the extra money.
Anonymous said…
I am immensely reassured by your statement, "But, honestly, I find these things easily forgotten and tend to spend very little on my clothes." I am the same way (but without your sense of style -- flannel-lined blue jeans and a turtleneck are my idea of high fashion. JJill used to be a favorite, they had a lot of non-waisted dresses that I subbed for maternity wear back in the day.
Paola said…
Oh you named all the shops I visit on my (rare) trips to near Tuvalu ... sigh ... AND I won't miss Century21, I ALWAYS find something there, especially for Brizio ( come think of it, it's been 4 LOOOOONG years though).

I don't see anythign pink on your blog ... whatcha talking 'bout ...
Anonymous said…
I have often thought the same thing about J. Jill. I WANT to like the clothes, but I cannot.
Caterina said…
Wow, I'm so outta the loop of anything fashionable. The only thing I recognized was 'Ann Taylor.' Oh, and Loehmann and Marshalls. I've never even heard of JJill or Jack Wills, but I'm interested.

55 and fall....*sigh* ssoo envious. Enjoy it!
Duyvken said…
so did Blogher go? I can't see anything pink either. Enjoy the cooler weather!
Gill said…
Over here in Uk, Jack Wills has a more grown up sibling: Aubin and Wills

Might be the answer?
Ginnie said…
I'm with kmkat - don't spend on clothes but find your peruses (perusings?) of fashion very entertaining and pretty much the only fashion reading I do. Not that I show up here for that reason, but it's a nice side benefit.
I've not noticed ads (but my observational skills are lacking). Are they there, or is my adblocker on Firefox keeping them from my view?