I'm watching Bette Davis

Gosh. When did K leave? Tuesday? It's been a long week and, I must admit, I don't like single-parenting any more now that they are grown than I did when they were little (K traveled a lot when they were little). It's good to have a partner to rely on for advice or feedback -there's plenty of that with older children.
I am not complaining. This gig is a wonderful opportunity for him and I think he told me, during one of our video chats, that he's really enjoying producing. He hasn't produced in a long time and though it's more stressful (than editing), K loves deadlines and pressure and seemingly unsolvable dilemmas.
For this job he had to find a prop frying pan that someone could be hit over the head with. He made dozens of inquiries and tracked one down in about 48 hours. And that was only one of the challenges he enjoyed.
Here at home I made a little speech to the boys about how they shouldn't expect the kind of dinners their dad made for them. (Fettuccine with homemade pancetta!) And, in my head, I've been cataloguing all the things I'll need their help with (unloading the groceries, hauling laundry).
It's turned cold and we're awaiting a storm.
We meant to put the dead guy on the roof for Halloween but I'm not sure we'll manage it if there's snow.
Youngest has been working for two days on his costume. There is Styrofoam and plastic and cardboard all over the house.
Oldest is worn out, he's been doing a lot of running around.
Middle has been commuting via the train and then a ferry and then a taxi - he's pretty beat too.

I bought some new clothes. Today I wore a floor length black sweater dress. It was wonderfully comfortable but several times during the day I noticed that I had, apparently, collected hair samples from half the staff along my hem-line. I'll have to figure out a fix for that.

We've got a new plan for Thanksgiving. Though we love being with MFAOA and Uncle, it's not easy to do the parade and then travel for dinner, particularly as I have to be in town at five in the morning.
So we've decided to do the parade and then have Thanksgiving On A Roll here at home. K will cook the day before and we'll eat it like leftovers on Thanksgiving day.

Did I already say it's gotten cold?
It's nippy here in the house as the radiators need bleeding.
Did I tell you where the special radiator key is?
In Florida. In my husband's pocket.
We have no firewood either...and there's snow on the way.

It's Dead Ringer on the television.
Most channels are showing the kind of things I'd never watch, in honor of Halloween.
But Bette Davis...well she's thrilling.


Crazy Mom! said…
Are you doing the same Thanksgiving Day in town activity as last year?
L.P. said…
Single parenting is daunting, that's for sure. But you've given your boys such solid grounding, you'll all be fine.

And the older I get, the more I appreciate Bette as an actress.
Paola said…
So K left with his cooking magic AND the radiator key ...
Love Youngest's costume
Hilary said…
stay warm... it was just snowing at the beach...
Scot said…
That storm hit here Tuesday night. It snowed all day Wednesday and was a great reminder of how beautiful Colorado is, esp. when blanketed by snow. The only bad thing about it was I didn't have the right ingredients to make stew. Cold Weather Comfort Food time, YEA!
Tell Youngest this 9 year old beat him to it:


Ginnie said…
Oh! Are you managing a balloon again this year?
Anonymous said…
Single parents have no easy job. I hope your gang chips in for you.
Hair samples. That struck me as rather creepy.
robiewankenobie said…
my fantasy thanksgiving is a trip to your neck of the woods - my friend's sister is a principal dancer! how much fun would it be to go backstage‽