Home Alone: Snowtober Edition

Not having K bring me a cozy cup of coffee in the morning has had me out of bed in the coldcoldcold. Yesterday I really wanted a Starbucks and today I had to take Middle to the train. (Did you know that Middle works on shows about fancy cars but does not drive? A paradox.)
So, the cashier-lady at Starbucks is a little wacky. Yesterday she spent a long time yammering with the guy on line in front of me while all I wanted to do was grab some coffee and climb back in bed. Today I was first on line and she pulled the same sort of too-friendly-at-early-o'clock thing with me while the guy behind me scowled. But I was patient and nice and tried to appear as though I was hurrying. Anyway! Upside? She comped me the coffee!
But the real reason that happened, I think, is that last night I sent Oldest out in to the slushy snow for ice cream for those assembled and gave him a twenty. The ice cream was $17 and the guy handed HIM $17 so I ran back to the store to make it right. Goes around comes around you see.

I must say, the Deadmau5 head looks extraordinarily good. Today, though, it's my turn to get involved as the fabric must be applied. I'm a little nervous.

Last night I made mac and cheese (not from a box) and hot dogs. They inhaled it all.
But what to make tonight? Yikes.

K's been sending me photos of his dinners. The town he's in isn't known for its food  - or not known for his kind of food. I've been told that every fast food chain in the world is there. He's not well versed in fast food. Last night they went to a proper restaurant and he had a veal chop.


 And, yes, that IS cheese on top of it. It's stuffed too. Imagine?


He got his prop-frying pan. He hit himself in the head with it several times to demonstrate in our video chat the other night. Sheesh, video chat would have been very handy that year he traveled for six months.

On the way to work one day last week I spied this door, to the hardware store.


 You da man!
 Then, I arrived on my block to see the World Texting Competition was taking place.


I'll let that sink in for a minute.
There were cheerleaders.

I'm not happy with my hair.
It's neither bobbed nor short, neither here nor there. No edge. And I'll tell you - I'm tempted to cut the
blond out.

 great hair

or start wearing complicated hats.



Hilary said…
hmmmm Compted coffee is payback for honest ice cream... Got to love Karma! How weird was yesterday? I don't remember ever having a snowy october...
Miz S said…
I bet your hair looks better than mine does right now. I need to get my ass to the salon. But there's no tiiiiime (she moaned, pathetically).

For dinner tonight I recommend the following recipe. I make it all the time and everyone always loves it. Super easy, too.

Kathy said…
My hair, which I've been growing out for nearly a year now, is three different lengths. Not LAYERED, mind you -- THREE DIFFERENT LENGTHS. Like stairs. It is an abomination before the Lord. I've been pulling one of the lengths back with clips so that it's only two lengths, because that seems better somehow HAHAHAkillme.
RW said…
It is rare opportunity for me to say I am kind of diggin' my hair right now. I am 46 and finally feel like I got it right. so that is something.

we are carving our pumpkins today. and chores we got chores to do.

not sure about dinner.
Anonymous said…
I had my hair bleached shortly after you did. (my hair was colored a medium brown) I must say you inspired me to take the leap after several years of fretting over it. I just got a hair cut and now have only 1/2 inch of "blonde" and the rest white. I am not wild about the cut, but am loving that the dried out blonde is gone! Oh, by the way, biotin is making my hair thicker!
----JR anxiously waiting for her hair to grow.
KPB said…
This post makes me happy.

I want to see you in a "complicated" hat - if only to then hear about how the boys respond to you when you leave the house wearing it.

my hair is also annoying me - if only that I have to do stuff to it for it to look good - how absurd! I am tempted to go cropped very short all over. Like DAME Judi Dench. But I fear my face is too fat and I'd just look like Moonface from The Magic Faraway Tree.
Scot said…
Video Chat? What wonderful times we live in, yes?
That frying pan looks exactly like a cast iron pan! What is it made of?
I need a haircut also. I've only had it cut once this year and should maybe get it cut a least once more before the year ends.
I actually laughed out loud when I saw that "hat" - go for it, I dare you. What the hell, tomorrow is Halloween!
As for dinner, this morning when I walked into the kitchen to start the coffee maker, clad only in boxers, there was a HUGE FUCKING BEE flying around!!! A Yellowjacket, all mean looking and ready to kill me. I was dressed in about 2 seconds but it took me about 2 hours to catch it and throw it outside. It was very unsettling. I think for dinner I'll just order Chineese.
Hope your week gets better! As for me, I'm buying a Bluray player!
The Coffee Lady said…
I want a prop frying pan. I need a prop frying pan.
Anonymous said…
I'm in a hair crisis situation, too.
That door rules.
Free coffee rules.
People willing to run out in slush and make someone's till balance out at the end of the night rule.
I bet $10 that K is in my neck of the woods if that's what they served up for supper.
Paola said…
Poor K ...
A gourmet like him in a place with SUCH food (can we call food a veal chop with a cheese on top?)
And you?
I want to hug you, all the time.
robiewankenobie said…
this entry is gold. GOLD.

also? baristas, in general, are kind of a whacky bunch. they may or may not be satisfied with their hair.