Halloween with Deadmau5

It took two full days of concentrated effort.
Middle did the drilling, with Youngest holding the helmet.
It has actual lights inside it.
It is, I'll have you know, impossible to stretch lycra over a sphere and adhere it without wrinkles.
None of us cried during the process though I did have a beer at noon.

I drove him all the way up to the school and he reports he is, once again, the coolest kid on campus.


I'm so uncool I had to google Deadmau5.
Youngest is definately cool.
L.P. said…
Anonymous said…
Congrats! Your team effort paid off. Like LMSS, I have to Google Deadmau5.
Hilary said…
wow! that is beyond cool! happy halloween!
Anonymous said…
That is serious awesomeness there.

Happy Halloween!

Paola said…
Congratulations for the team effort even if captain was missing.
Well done.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I too am feeling a bit old. I had to use my google-fu. Nice work! I'd of shot myself in the head.

kmkat said…
Well, duh. Of course he is the coolest kid on campus.
KPB said…
There's something quite breathtaking watching this Youngest of yours become ... a man? grow into himself? I don't know. It's breathtaking whatever it is.