Deadmau5 success

Youngest's pals pose as Deadmau5.

Photos of ANYONE brave enough to talk to me, they got to take my photo if they wanted and they got to wear the head!


Kathy said…
Awesome! My boy loves Deadmau5.
Scot said…
Dude, that is the BEST ever!!!

I just had a "Spike" from Cowboy Beebop at my door. He was amazed that I knew who he was.
-This is like a cultural awareness exam, I swear.
-and I thought the Luke Skywalker kid was a tad outdated!
L.P. said…
This is sweet and hilarious.
RW said…
Before Halloween, I had no idea who this creature was. Then everywhere I go, there is a reference to Deadmau5.
Anonymous said…
So cool!