Today is my sweet K's birthday.
He's flying off to maybe-not-so-sunny Florida for a couple of weeks for a shoot.
Last night we took him for our now customary Japanese dinner out.
Here he is having his favorite Hamachi Kama.


We went to the neighborhood joint, which was empty, and giggled at the overly-effusive host (thankyouthankyouthankyou!) and got railroaded into an appetizer we'd never have ordered if we weren't giddy (some kind of crunchy fried rice mashed spicy tuna thing) (we are purists) and had a truly wonderful time. (The Muzak was hysterical.)
More and more, in recent months, I am smitten with my three (four) men. Uproariously funny, in subtle ways, good companions, loving sons, they make my heart swell.
And my K?
Well, I could not be more in love.

Two weeks is a long time, and it will fly, and we'll be so happy to see each other again!


Kathy said…
Oh! Happy birthday to K! And safe travels to him!
Brigindo said…
Happy Birthday K!
Happy Birthday to K!

Chance of rain down here is below 60% for the next week or 2...unless that new hurricane wraps around and heads northwest. October is really the best time of year to be here.
I meant "heads northeast".
I'm directionally challenged before my second cup of coffee.
Hilary said…
Happy birthday to K! I hope the trip goes smooth for him and quick for you. That appetizer sounds, well, interesting. I actually like getting railroaded into trying new things, which is a perk when the joint is empty, and your joint sure looks empty. I am so bad, I am trying to figure out the joint (sigh) I have been working in this area for too long...
Paola said…
This morning when I woke up I had it in the back of my mind that today was somebody's birthday ...

I am getting old.

Happy birthday K and may I say you ROCK the longer hair.

MMmmmh ... Jap food.

Safe skies to FL.
Amy A. said…
You are blessed. :)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful. I might be a little in love with your husband too. All of your men, actually.

Many happy returns, K! Safe trip.

L.P. said…
Sweet! And a happy birthday to your K.
zephyr said…
Happy Day and safe travels/successful shoot to your K!
i like his profile
and that your heart swells
Scot said…
Happy Birthday K!
Paola is right, you are rocking the long hair! Good for you.
Mary said…
Happy Birthday to your K.

I love that you are in love with him and all your boys - that pleasure in them has been shining through in your posts.
Anonymous said…
Thanks everyone!

JEnny said…
What is it with music in sushi shops? Loud and bad.
The Coffee Lady said…
Oh dear. I appear to have something in my eye.
Anonymous said…
£ = pound sterling, which is the uk's currency, but speaks more specifically of the british pound, One £ has rested in the $1.60 range for the last while. One £ = 100 pence. a quid is the same as a pound. Slang like we use the term a buck, or bucks.

You'll have to let me show you around central london sometime. Its a magical place.
RW said…
two weeks.

this post made me smile.
Duyvken said…
Loveliness. xx