The scene: bb and Youngest are at the dining room table after a long day.

bb: my mouth is so messed up!
( a side effect of a medication)

Youngest: you need some ice cream.

bb: I don't know if ice cream would help.

Youngest: no. Ice cream just makes people happy.


The scene: bb, Middle and Youngest have rushed to the station to bring K his eyeglasses. K makes the train with seconds to spare. The group in the Jeep must now park and walk to catch the next train.

bb: you know, it would be nice to find a parking spot right here at the station since we just brought dad his glasses.

Youngest: god doesn't work that way. It's three to five business days to be rewarded for a good deed.


Anonymous said…
Now I love Youngest!
zephyr said…
Youngest makes me smile.
Suse said…
Scot said…
Youngest is right, ice ALWAYS makes me happy.
Yesterday you said it wasn't really soup weather, IT WAS HERE!
We got more rain yesterday than we've had all year, combined and...

...wait for it...


Middle of September, summer isn't even over yet, AND WE GOT SNOW!
Today was foggy all day. We couldn't see Pikes Peak but supposedly, tomorrow, we'll see a snow capped mountain. and you know why? because
WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still want ice cream though.
Scot said…
Ice cream ALWAYS makes me happy, not ice. Sorry 'bout that
Mary said…
Loving the weather report from Scot.

And Youngest.
Hilary said…
Youngest is a hoot! I laughed out loud (really) with his comment!
Paola said…
It's got to be GOOD ice cream though to make me feel better.

Oh Scot ... the snow ... I wish I were there ... with ice cream.
Crazy Mom! said…
Youngest is a hoot.
Anonymous said…
That Youngest is on a roll!
He's dead right about ice cream. It's a basic truth I've always believed in, too.
Scot said…
I'm sitting at my desk here at work and Don just handed me an ice cream sandwich - from STARBUCKS!!!
I gotta admit I'm very happy!
Anonymous said…
Youngest. Not so little anymore, eh?

Ginnie said…
I love the three to five business days. Good one, Youngest.
RW said…
it snowed on whistler today.
which meant the conversation switched to boarding

cracks me up.
that 3 - 5 business days.