What are you people looking at?

Top ten searches that brought people here:

Roz Chast - who I love. Still.

Snowcoat - three or four years ago I spent a lot of time looking for a coat.

Decorative Objects - yeah, no clue why you'd look here for that.

If All The Animals Along The Equator - from one of my favorite movies. Ever.*

Speedos Kids - never wrote anything about Speedos and kids. Can only imagine. Not good.

80's Prom Dresses - been to two 80's parties. Didn't wear a prom dress.

Jane Fonda Hairstyle - not a bad hairstyle.

Meg Ryan Hairstyles - Meg's stylist does Jane's hair as well. Did you know that?

Pop Tart Cartoon - shown briefly, three years ago. Still popular.

Sandra Bullock Short Hair - has she ever had short hair?

*So, remember that scene in Ocean's Twelve? Where they talk about calling Marcy? 
Well one day last week, I found myself doing just that, and, let's just say, that's two minutes of my life I wish I could get back. Sometimes, a teeny brush with fame isn't all that fun.

What have I been up to this weekend?
I had coffee with a work friend yesterday and then dove into the attic and put away the summer things.
It's a chore I hate and I'm not finished.
This evening all five of us are heading over to a hootenanny.

Photos from recent events here in Tuvalu:


 I won at Words With Friends! I play every day but I never win! Sure, it's only two points but let's not burst my bubble.

If it looks like this outside my house


it will probably look like this inside my house


as there's probably some of this going on.


Just another artificially smoke-filled day.
(That would be smoke provided by a machine on the dining room floor, provided for "atmosphere.")

 Good hair?

All right. I'll talk to you later.


Amy A. said…
Yes on the hair. I wish I were that brave.. Or had that bone structure. :)
Anonymous said…
LOVE that hair.
And your front porch.
Anonymous said…
You are fun and funny. Remember, I found you when looking for "shingled exterior" images or something....and there is your lovely shingled exterior again. Still love it.

Caterina said…
Awesome hair! Just would prefer it in black ;)
Paola said…
I'll tell you what my brother told me upon his move back from DC:

"In America all houses are shiny and tidy on the outside and a real mess inside, here in Italy all houses seem to fall apart from the outside but are shiny and sparkling inside"

Nice hair but Agy there is like a plume ...
The Coffee Lady said…
Tinkerbell. So many people find me after googling Tinkerbell.
Anonymous said…
MOLLY SHANNON??? (in the library with the lead pipe?)