Thursday, in no particular order

L., who works in the office next to mine needs advice. Can she approach my boss, the CEO? Yes. I reassure her. He welcomes questions and is easy to talk to.

My favorite young assistant is wearing a wonderful floral maxi skirt. It flows beautifully as she walks down the hall and I tell her so.


The new assistant needs a lot of support. She's come from a distant city and everything is a shock to her system. She is overly eager but no one seems to mind.

My friend A. is very sick. Each day she comes to the office is a triumph over illness and the illness has given her unbelievable clarity in vision. It is fascinating to watch.

My friend J. wears pink from head to toe. She does this unselfconsciously.

The new guy IM's me from his first day. He misses us but is excited about his new position.

V.'s red hair is mesmerizing...a tumble of curls and waves, I find myself envious of its romantic tussled look.

The V.P. down the hall shares a joke with me. I am, somehow, on par with the V.P.s and the assistants, bridging both worlds.

I convince the Art Director that he can meet with his staff and then present final sketches to my boss. It is, otherwise, impossible to get everyone in the room at the same time. He trusts me.

I remind The New Guy that his time with us will be a small blip in his history but that he has made an impact nonetheless.

I always look at work emails at home and, though this is okay with me and mine, it has given my boss further opportunity to work after hours which may or may not be prudent.

As I leave the office the receptionist points out that I've had quite a day. I had no idea she was conscious of it but she's right. 

With thanks to Alice.


Anonymous said…
THIS is vintage Blackbird posting--these little observations about people and details throughout the day. My most favoritest sort of post. Thank you.
Paola said…
You see, I am CONSTANTLY working because of the email ...
Anonymous said…
That was lovely. Both yours and Alice's.

Duyvken said…
Wishing A well.
Hilary said…
I hear you with #11. I started using a smart phone with emails years before it was "cool" and years before my boss or the others in my office did. In fact I was the one who convienced them that they should. Oh, how I curse those days. What started out with me being able to catch up and stay on top of things turned into everyone having to stay connected all the time... sigh... (now I think it would be cool to go back to an old fashioned phone)
alice c said…
How wonderful. Our days were so similar even though we work in different worlds.

I must tell you that one student came to see me and she had a beautiful vintage lace slip over a short black tunic. As I told her how lovely she looked I knew I was 'blackbird-ing' so you were there right in the middle of my day.