thoughts on the boots

All day, today, I told myself I was going to accomplish two things: rework the weekly calendar of meetings and write a post about the boots.
Now it's 9:00 and I haven't really done either.
I've done preliminary calendar work but need to speak to people who weren't in the office today and I never even dipped my toe into blog world.
As you cannot help me with the weekly calendar of meetings, let's discuss the boots.
Turns out, leaving a post up for a few days encourages commenting. And not everyone was in favor of the boots. The boots which are now on my feet.

I went through a lengthy process before gazing longingly at these boots. Originally, I had wanted suede boots, and I'd still like a pair of slouchy ones, in grey. But I'd kill suede boots the first time I wore them walking to my office this winter as the streets get covered in salt. Leather boots can be cleaned an polished. I'm also not sure my thick little legs need slouchy material to bulk them up. I considered wedge heel boots too but realized they might not be comfortable for the whole day without a platform and I wasn't sure I wanted platform boots. I've been wanting riding boots for a few years but wanted something slightly edgier. And I didn't want to pay $300 for them either.


The zipper keeps them interesting, the leather makes them sturdy, the price was right, they aren't too trendy and I think they'll be comfortable.

Other news from the nest?
Oldest (who is a licensed tattoo artist) is apprenticing at a tattoo parlor and is very excited. I have noticed, of late, that his style of artwork is very popular in the tattoo world. Now someone else has noticed too. He's busy and happy.

Today was Youngest's first day of school. He texted that his literature class was "epically awesome" but is concerned about calculus. I took a picture of him on the front porch, as I do every year on the first day, my last student, looking tall and handsome.

Then, I sat, on the train, next to a lady who told me about her son who was tempted by a job offer during his first year at college. He decided to stay in school. We mused over the choices and talked about Steve Jobs and his college choices (he dropped out but continued to attend typography classes) and I found myself pleased with having chatted with her. (As you know, I am not terribly tolerant of my fellow commuters.) She teased that we'd see each other coming home and I looked for her but didn't spot her in the crowd.
I'll watch for her tomorrow.

The windows are open. It's nice and cool. Boot weather.


KPB said…
Well I ADORE those boots. Even more that they were on sale.
Anonymous said…
That is exciting for Oldest! We are having a late summer here, and my boots are still hibernating in their box under the bed. I hope yours serve you very well!

I was thinking of you tonight. Good to see you're still around. Love the boots.
Unknown said…
Well, the boots definitely look better on your feet than they did on the web site. Happy to admit I was wrong, and you obviously knew better. As you usually do... Enjoy!!
The Coffee Lady said…
The boots are pretty great, I'd say.
I love the boots! They are my favorite style. I was in court yesterday behind someone, though, who had on boots and a poncho. Shudder.

Too soon for me!!
Jen on the Edge said…
I think the boots are epically awesome and am happy that you got them.

Good news about Oldest. I hope this works out for him.
Crazy Mom! said…
So good for Oldest - I hope he finds good success.

And how is Middle?

Love the boots.
So happy for Oldest. Hope Youngest has a good school year.

I do like the boots.
Shinny said…
I meant to comment that I love the boots. I can never find boots that will fit around my calves, not that they are overly muscular or all that big, but I can't get boots to fit. :( So I have boot envy of anyone who can wear gorgeous boots. Hope they work well for the winter walks. Another reason I really don't NEED boots, five feet from house to car, car to office, and then back home at night.
zephyr said…
those boots: Niiiiice.
Anonymous said…
Your post made me so happy today. I am glad you got the boots. I never knew that about Oldest, but how thrilling to land a great job. You've never described him as artistic, though that clearly runs in your family's gene pool. He is! He is!
And a like-minded commuter. That ices the cake.
Paola said…
A tattoo artist.
Your kids (I don't think we'll be allowed to call them kids for much longer)are amazing.
What else can I say.

The boots?

I love them even more on your legs and oooooooh that zip ... me loves it.
Anonymous said…
Well, now that they are YOUR boots, I am all for them. Good for you!

When I first met you, Youngest was nowhere near taking calculus. How has this happened?

Duyvken said…
PS do you like the EOS willow and barny boots? They remind me of you.
Duyvken said…
first comment was swallowed - the boots I bought and then retured at Django & Juliette - howling tan. Lovely! Does this mean that the Toast! post is going somewhere?
Scot said…
Liking the boots. Wear them with denim gauchos and a tan turtle neck and you'll look great. Bet you never expected that one from me, huh?
I wonder, how many of your readers do you think have tattoos? I have 2 but I never wanted them. GOOD for Oldest! Its nice to hear about him now and then. I think he's very special.
OK, I have a question for you and/or your readers.
I looking at a salmon recipe and it calls for 150ml double cream.
I have no idea what that is, do you? I'm thinking its either heavy or table cream OR sour cream. There's spinach and parmesan cheese so sour cream might not be that far off - think spinach dip. It also has minced onion and a pinch of nutmeg so heavy cream would work also.
What do you think?
Unknown said…
Love the boots. @scot -- everything you wanted to know about heavy cream

No tats here.
blackbird said…
I have a tattoo...not done by Oldest.
Hilary said…
I never saw the zipper in the first picture.. Love the zipper! Now you make me want to go boot shopping...Not that it takes much to make me want to shop for shoes
Anonymous said…
I love the boots.