things change

The Reuben, dear friends

 was abandoned for the heat and replaced with sushi


as the idea of traipsing down to the subway, traveling uptown, and eating all that meat did not appeal. Never mind. Lunch (only the third I've taken with my boss) was very nice.
Sometimes it's good to step away and have a chat.
And the fried chicken last night? Superb.
I've taken a sick-day today.
K and I are off to a closing as we've refinanced.
I've just realized I don't discuss such things but there you are.
We reducing payments by two percentage points and that's when you are supposed to do that sort of thing, I'm told. I'm not good at these things. Signing checks of great magnitude make me uneasy. And by 'great magnitude' I generally mean more than two hundred dollars.
After hearing about it for weeks we woke to rain. My neighbor told me it's going to be 45 this weekend!

There. Now I've written about money and the weather. Perhaps it's best if I walk away now.

 I am trying to write about Sunday evening but the words aren't coming.


Anonymous said…
We've refinanced a few times now--worth the extra paperwork. I am blown away by how low our payments have become.
Food, money, weather--you failed to cover politics, though.
Paola said…
Hmmm,I am considering how ignorant I shall sound when I tell you I had to go look up the definition of refinancing.

Be kind.

That Reuben cak eat YOU, wise choice to go fo rsushi instead.
raych said…
I want to put that reuben into my face.
Anonymous said…
I am wondering what happened or what is supposed to happen on Sunday.

I have never seen a Reuben like that. It doesn't look that good, actually. Big, certainly.

I have always appreciated that you keep your blog a money, religion, sex and politics free zone. And I also like to imagine that our feelings about all of them are aligned. (I'm betting they mostly are.)

Miz S said…
Sunday evening? Tell me more.
Anonymous said…
That thing on the plate is not a Reuben. It is a heart-attack-in-waiting. Good choice on the sushi.