Oh, so much white wine.
Is there more wine, asks Oldest.
There is always more wine, I tell him.
But, I ask, do you want to fetch it from the basement and open it?
That was the end of that.

See how easily I slide right back in to my Survivor reports?
Ozzie has an idol. There's an aliance of five at each tribe.
It's raining. Here!
Brandon gives me the heebies. He lies and is sneaky and then confesses - go figure.

Semhar and Christine are on Redemption Island and discuss their plight.
But what challenge will they face as they make fire together?

Oh! I've just realized that Mikayla is a lingerie football player.
Brandon regrets acting like his uncle. Poor baby. Why do I have no sympathy for him?

The blue team is invited to Redemption Island. Coach hopes Christine loses as he does not want to see her back at his team.
Semhar and Christine will battle to stay in the game.
Ozzy visits for the red team.
The ladies will have to build a totem on a pole to win. More poles will be added.
Semhar does a prayer/poem/spoken word to calm herself while Jeff sighs.
Both women balance their poles carefully. It's tedious.
Semhar wavers but survives but goes on to lose - she has a teary moment.
She passes her sweatshirt to Christine and departs.

So, I wander off to see Middle for a bit and, it turns out, he wants to hash some things out.
I return just in time to see Tribal Council.
It's all about Cochran again.
Papa Bear has lots to tell Jeff about the team and explains that he has nothing in common with his tribe. He points out that five of his tribemates have an alliance.
The red tribe vote.
It looks like Papa Bear gets a few votes...and he does and he goes! And I was just starting to like him.
And then I remember! He goes to Redemption Island!

In the meantime, have I shown you this?
I'm taking both grandmothers to see this:


Ginnie said…
Oh my gosh, if the movie is half as good as the trailer, it will be spectacular! (You're not suggesting the 2 grandmothers consider moving, are you?)
The Coffee Lady said…
That does look like a good film.

And a basement would not put us off. A mountain would not put us off.
Paola said…
It looks fantastic and it's packed with all the BEST actors.
Oh my.
Now my only questions is: will there be snakes? I can't help it ... every time I see a certain area of the world that's what I think about.
So, you'll have to let me know.
Anonymous said…
That looks incredible! And chock full of wonderful actors.
(Here's where I add that my dream is to age looking like Dame Judi because DAMN, she rocks that aging business so well. Plus spending my retirement in India wouldn't be a bad way to do it.)
Anonymous said…
I did not KNOW about that movie. Thank you!