Poetry woman is on redemption island. She's struggling and reciting poetry and trying to sleep.
Water is creeping in to camp at the red team's home and they are re-evaluating tribal council.
Cochran is still there but Ozzy warns that he may not stay forever. Keith has a good compass tattoo on his flank. (I just thought I'd mention that.)

Is Coach the biggest fool in this game? I don't know. I'm eating a brownie.
It's a brownie from a trip to Costco which I didn't invite my mom to. So, now I'm in trouble.
Ozzy's walking around in his tie-dyed boxer briefs looking casual. But he's also looking for the immunity idol. He climbs up into a crazy tree and finds a rock which is covering the idol!
He says he's going to save it, secretly, until the merge.
Coach is working hard to make friends with his team, especially Brandon, who is Russell's nephew.
He feels wrong about lying and confesses to Coach who is shocked. But Brandon feels good about telling Coach and reassures him about keeping his identity a secret. Coach thinks he may be able to trust Brandon...redeeming Russell's family.

Keith, Ozzy and some other guy go fishing. They hatch an alliance plan. It's Keith who feels he's orchestrating the plan to get rid of Cochran and Papa Bear ASAP.

Brandon tells us about how he doesn't like Mikaela. He's threatened by her seductive attitude and he swears he'll get her voted out.
Isn't it time for a challenge?

Christine, on the blue team, starts looking for a clue at her camp. Her teammates think she has it already. And, in fact, she has found a clue. Does she tell her tribemates or not? She doesn't know.

It IS time for a challenge. The blue team brings fruit to the challenge to taunt the red team. The challenge? Get keys, get crates, push them together and win comfort in the form of pillows and blankets -- along with a clue to where the idol is.
The challenge is like a reverse maypole that must be unbraided. The blue team is ahead and get their keys first. The blue team move to the puzzle quickly as the red team release their keys but are moving slowly. The red team pulls ahead suddenly and wins.

Who will go home? Coach realizes that voting Mikayla off immediately may be wrong. Coach thinks Christina might be the right person to have go and asks Mikayla to give them some privacy to talk about it.
Brandon lies and says that other team members are voting for Mikayla.

At Tribal Council, Jeff is able to ask Coach and Brandon about their first impressions.
Coach blurts out who is thinking of voting for whom.
And it's Coach who throws Christina under the bus. There's lots of conflict. Why is Mikayla not asking about who would vote her out?
Brandon has to come clean. He admits that he wants votes to be cast for Mikayla.
It's time to vote.
(And I'm willing to bet there won't be any votes for Brandon or Coach.)
All the women get votes.
Tied, Stacy and Christine.
Christine goes.
No votes for Mikayla!
Christine goes to Redemption Island.


Paola said…
Costco! I'd be mad too if you didn't take me ...
NorahS said…
There is something about that Brandon that is creeping me out. Is it him, or is it the edit?
tracy said…
I agree NorahS. All that seductress, but I won't be tempted stuff. I thought he was going to be a fun sort of character to watch, but yeah, I'm creeped out.