the new girls

One must look forward as well.

On the left is K, who hails from Minnesota. She started a few weeks ago and has a fondness for bright legwear.
On the right is M, who hails from Michigan. She joined us last week and also enjoys bright tights.
I introduced them seeing as how I thought they might wish to discuss their new surroundings and they have become fast friends.
The outfits above were purely coincidental.
They are both delightful.

Happy weekend!


Susie Sunshine said…
Yay, Michigan!! I'm so happy to have prepared you for the accent!
Ginnie said…
Love those Midwesterners!
I've been told that the polka dot is THE print for fall. Who woulda thunk? Always been my favorite.
Paola said…
Ah, you see ... one door closes and a windows opens up.
To the New Girls!
Anonymous said…
Didn't you know? Everyone in the Upper Midwest wears brightly colored tights or leggings. I think it is in each state's constitution or something.
Anonymous said…
Okay, fine, you already are set with a New Girl. Two of them! Good for all of you. They seem cute, so I don't mind. : )

Hilary said…
what a photo op! They couldn't have matched better if they tried!
Anonymous said…
I adore their tights.