Me. And the new guy.

me and the new guy2

 Tomorrow is The New Guy's last day.
We had champagne today and wished him well and are sending him off with our warmest thoughts.
A lot has happened since February 2010, when someone took this photo of me and The New Guy and he's become dear to me.
I cannot say he's the first kid who has breezed through here and made an impression on me but I will say that he is the first one whose leaving has stung. A bit. He wants to go back to school and work in a different field and cannot do either from here.
And so it goes. He goes.
I've got good friends in middle management too, fortunately.
They don't leave so frequently as kids looking to find their way and move up.
And how far have I come since February 2010? Hard to say. I'd have to sit with paper and pen to make a list.
I have grey hair now.
Those pants don't fit me in quite the same way.
I wore those boots today, in his honor.
And I realize that nothing is forever and that that is not easy or hard but just the reality.
It's difficult, sometimes, being the older person at work. One can guess at people's trajectories, speculate on motivations and figure out the choices others make but some of the paths are surprising, not all of the news is good.
I've felt the disappointment when someone doesn't "work out" or isn't "a good fit."
He was a great fit, The New Guy, and I'm so sad to see him go.


Scot said…
Here's a wierd one for ya. At the shop where I work, I'm the youngest. I'm 54! The guys I work for are 55 & 56 and I call them crabby old men all the time. (I call them alot of other things too but this is a family blog)
Ginnie said…
What a nice tribute to the New Guy.

When I saw the picture and before I read the text, I thought - bb's started coloring her hair again?!

He looks like he could put you in his pocket and take you with him.

"The older person" just doesn't seem to fit you - you always strike me as very au courant.
Hilary said…
Being the oldest at work is a relative term and an interesting one. At 37, I am by far the youngest member of the management team in my office (which I love to rub in). However, in my department of 20, there is only one person substantially older than me. The rest are pretty much my age or a good 10 years younger. They sometimes make me feel so old…Like right after Hurricane Irene when we had major email issues, and we had a team meeting and they asked how work was ever done before emails…. Me and the “older lady” spent a good 15 minutes trying to explain life before email to a sea of blank faces….
Paola said…
The New Guy must be a special person to have left such a mark in your soul.

I too was wondering about the hair colour ...

I assume you just happened to dress alike that day, hence the picture.


Bye New Guy, may you soon find the path you're looking for.
Anonymous said…
Ah, that sounds like a bitter loss--but you never know when your paths might cross again.
That picture is too perfect.
Anonymous said…
I wish him well. I wish I could come and be the New Girl. I think your workplace sounds wonderful. And when I think about how a-scared I was when you were first starting! Now look at you.

new guy said…
I've never felt so loved. Thank you, blackbird. It's been a wonderful time. I will be back, so don't forget me.
Miz S said…
Aw, New Guy loves you too! I remember this picture well.
alice c said…
Hi New Guy - good luck for the future and remember that friends of bb are held safely in her heart forever.