I've now got two sets of new shoe blisters and my little toes and ankles are all bandaged up.
Aren't you fascinated?
How about this: this morning at work begins with a pumpernickel bagel meeting at which actual pumpernickel bagels are consumed. Kierkegaard is discussed as well but that's too complicated to explain. This afternoon I'm taking the boss to lunch for a Reuben sandwich at a place where the sandwiches are as large as my head, and for tonight I have requested K's fried chicken.
The way I see it, it's a three thousand calorie day.
I only mention it as the clothing I purchased when I began work (exactly three years ago) nearly fits me again. (I got a job, bought go-to-work clothing, lost a pile of weight, plateaued, gained some weight back.) I'd like to not return to that weight from three years ago but with days like this ahead of me it's sure to be a battle.
And the blisters? Make the daily walk kind of rough.
I'll complain about the weather too. It's warm. Too warm. 70 and higher warm. Humid too. I'd very much like to bundle up in a sweater and pull on some tights, thank you.

And it's only Tuesday.


The Coffee Lady said…
Oh, don't talk to me about the weight battle. Just don't.
Anonymous said…
Come on over. You'll need a sweater, tights AND boots. Seriously.
Kathy said…
Um yeah, it's supposed to be 102 here today. I will happily take your 70s and warmer.

My word verification is hatere! HA! Ye Olde Hatere, that's me.
Eleanor said…
I know this is totally off topic, but I've been thinking that a pixie/gamine hairstyle might look amazing on you.

It's being talked about on a few beauty blogs and I just thought of you.

That's all.

E x
Jen on the Edge said…
You probably already know about this, but I'll mention it, just in case: Did you know that you can get bandaids that are specifically for blisters? They're made differently from regular bandaids and they are AMAZING. They really do make a difference.
Anonymous said…
It is really hard to be happy when you feet ache in any way, shape or form in my experience.

Paola said…
It's hot here as well ... and humid ... OY.
Bagels, Reuben sandwich ... I need a bucket for my drool!
Hilary said…
I am the opposite of you.. I am loving that it is still 70's and that I can still wear sleeveless and sandals.... Reuben...yum... those are the best (although I substitute mustard for thousand island dressing)