it's a whole new world

They've done the blogger dashboard over.

It's a good thing I'm on vacation as it's going to take me a while to learn to navigate it.
It looks kind of empty to me. Streamlined, I guess they'd tell me.
It's all part of the great Google re-do. (And, speaking of, that was the most frequently asked question I fielded in Chicago: what company did Middle not sign with.) (Ahem.)

So. Here I am on vacation, and, have I mentioned the ospreys? Well, they're here on vacation too.
Gosh they are loud. Anyway.

Yesterday I went with Mom to see Bill Cunningham New York and I lovedlovedloved it!

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of every day life!

He who seeks beauty shall find it, he said just slightly choked up, upon receiving an award in France.

It's September, people, and I am itching to buy (myself) school clothes. Sadly, there isn't a damn thing I need. Realistically, there is nothing my budget will allow. But that doesn't stop me from gazing longingly at boots.


And, perhaps, some other items...

 Does this vest look cheap?


 Oh! Such an outfit! I WANT it all. Sigh.

  Screen shot 2011-08-27 at 5.16.04 PM

 The boys! Equipped to shoot the storm. They have footage of K saying gosh, I can't believe we never lost power and then BAM! NO POWER.

Dinner's calling me.


alice c said…
I am afraid that I took one look at the new screen and collapsed in a sobbing heap. TOO MUCH CHANGE. Bring back quill pens, I say.
Thanks for the heads up on the film; somehow it escaped my notice and now I must see it.

Glad you had fun and missed the weather antics here!
Paola said…
Oh how I adore your boys!
Can I say that without sounding creepy?
Wendy said…
After this summer I have learned not to discuss our power or lack thereof until at least 24 hours after the storm. I'm certain I'll cause us to lose it - AGAIN.

Not a fan of that vest. Even though I bought both girls faux fur vests last year. I think you could put together an outfit like that last one from what you already own.
Did K forget the rule of "never say it out loud".
Last week I said (out loud*sigh*) that my car hit 155,000 miles with no breakdowns and then BAM the next day it wouldn't start!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!
Unknown said…
I read your blog all the time. This is the first comment I have ever made. What prompted me to do so? That photo of your boys and the creativity and ingenuity of their camera/video set up. Bravo!

(PS: LOVE your little slice of the web and enjoy your viewpoint!)
blackbird said…
Thank you, Theresa, how nice of you!
Anonymous said…
That man is fascinating.
Power. I have renewed appreciation today.
Anonymous said…
I want to see that movie. And I too am pining for fall finery.

The Coffee Lady said…
I haven't dared to try the new dashboard. I am such an old lady.