it's Tuesday night

I'm obsessed. But I have boots so I'm not browsing anymore.

Survivor starts tomorrow night. Mom is making my favorite soup and we'll watch together.
It's not soup weather, sadly. I wish it was.



I'm wearing sandals and socks these days. A look I love.


Work is busybusybusy. K is busy, Middle is busy, Oldest is busy.

Youngest and I will have an Admissions Tour at Art College tomorrow. Busy.

Am I the only person confused by advertising for jeans?


Fortunately, I've realized that The Flirt, at Old Navy, fits me well.
Otherwise I might be browsing $200 denim. (Not.)

Youngest got a letter today, from his six-year-old self. Our church has the first grade class write letters to their future selves and then mails them ten years later.
Youngest's letter is enthusiastic (as he is) and loving (as he is) and thankful (ditto).
It's a sweet tradition that Middle enjoyed as well.
Here's a time-lapse I found from Middle's senior year.


I was looking for the posts I wrote about his senior year.
I've just remembered that the senior class is gathered on the lawn on the last full day of school and they do a cheer. Sometime, during June of 2008, Middle did that. His explanation of that afternoon blew me away and I'm realizing that I am about to experience it again through Youngest.
These markings of the passage of time resonate with me...with us.

I've just seen the last 15 minutes of 127 Hours. I don't think I could have watched much more.
It's amazing...

...and it's only Tuesday night.


Ginnie said…
LOVE the time lapse.
Paola said…
I am impressed byt that TL, the exposure, the length, the DOG! And I giggled @ Youngest eating with his helmet on ... you gotta love him.
Talk about dates to remember, I just returned from Brizio's first day of Middle School.
Another chapter just started.
As Kim says: ONWARD.
Susie Sunshine said…
I miss that house and all the fun people that live there!
Anonymous said…
You spend a lot of time at the kitchen you've got me wondering if I do, too!
So cool to get a letter from your past self.
Boots--I ordered a pair of brown and am waiting...I have black ones and decided after many years that it's essential for me to have a pair in each color.
KPB said…
that wretched dog.
robiewankenobie said…
that letter thing is killing me. i'm pretty sure that we absolutely HAVE to do that right this very minute. well, in two hours or so...
Anonymous said…
You've lost weight since then! : )