the internet is a vast and varied place

Is that what I call these posts?

This guy is just tremendously funny. Read this entry too.

How many design blogs can one read? Well, a lot!

This is fascinating enough, but the backstory is pretty damned good too.

The Sartorialist has been 100 feet from my doorstep. It kills me, I tell you.

K just walked in and handed me a NutJob.

We spent the weekend watching episodes of 30 Rock (no link!). Geez, there are a lot of episodes of 30 Rock. I think I had mentioned, last week, that I've never seen a full episode. I'm liking it, 22 episodes in.

It's Monday.


KPB said…
Oh Jason Good 365 has made me laugh- a good thing

That fish is fucking creepy.

There are an alarming number of women with shaved heads on The Sartorialist. I need no encouragement here. Is this a new trend or has he just been hanging out in a particular cloister of Tuvalu?
Anonymous said…
That Jason Good 365 is a stitch.
D watches Hillbilly Handfishing or some such show on TV at night--freaks. FREAKS.
He also uses the word "nutjob." I prefer "FREAKS."
Those dollhouses. Wow.
Thanks for making me late for work, Miss Thang! Couldn't stop reading Jason Good.

Now I know what to do with all my free time!
Paola said…
Oh how I love 30 Rock.