I love Jack

K pointed out that I promised you photos of what's left of our beach. Two days ago.
What can I say?
I got sunburned and lazy. Lazy!
I cannot help it. September makes me think of school clothes shopping.
School clothes shopping leads me to thoughts of BOOTS.
And, whilst picking up some tights earlier today, I spied these, which I have the opportunity to purchase with a substantial discount.
What say ye? Answer in the comments, please.
I had thought I wanted some wedge-heeled wonders but I am rethinking. Perhaps something more traditional would serve me better.
Thoughts? Answer in the comments, please.
Should I mention that they have a wonderful heavy duty zipper up the back which lends them an edge?
In the comments, please.

The beach.


 Many dunes have been washed away.


 This has not looked like that before.

 How funny is this coincidence?


 JCrew has heard that I ask K this question every morning!

B sent me this clip from 30 Rock.

I've never seen a full episode of 30 Rock and, as our new furniture arrangement is making it difficult for me to SEE the TELEVISION, perhaps I will watch some episodes on my laptop.
Eh, B? What sayeth you? (B does not have television. He watches things on his laptop.)

Comments. Please.


oooooh, i vote in the affirmative. those are lovely. in fact, the window popping up to tell me they will now ship to canada tempted me!!
Paola said…
Very chic.
I say Yay (is that how you spell Nay and Yay?!)
And guess what ... I got the window popping (Hi Poppy!) up that they ship to Italy too.

Anonymous said…
yes to the boots - they are yummy!
Eleanor said…
Purchase immediately.
Amy A. said…
The boots are great. And yes, do what you can to make friends with Liz Lemon!
Jen on the Edge said…
I love those boots. So classic, so timeless. They would serve you well.
L.P. said…
The boots are great-- that back zipper is what makes them. My only hesitation is the synthetic lining (I tend to get sweaty in synthetics, but if it doesn't bother you, go for it).
NorahS said…
I like the boots, especially at a substantial discount. Glad you are feeling lazy and on vacation.
Scot said…
Nice boots! I buy from Pipelime every now and then. I'm a sucker for free shipping, (and by the way, they sell Cole Haan men's shoes!)I'm more of an Old Navy type of guy.
I do have a question though. Will the lack of tread mean you'll be slipping and sliding on the icy Tuvaluvian sidewalks this winter? Let's hope not because with your kid, if he films it, you know you'll end up on youtube!
Duyvken said…
Love the boots - they must be purchased if you have not done so already. I bought a lovely pair of boots but returned them quickly after post purchase guilt kicked in. I don't work and, therefore, have little need of nice boots although I do love them so. Am considering getting a part time job simply to justify the purchase of pretty things :-)
Happydog said…
You must buy these boots...they are looverly. Sorry about your beach though Mother Nature has a way of having her way.
Unknown said…
Not to be contrarian, but it seems I am the lone voice of dissent. I'm not so crazy about the boots, personally.

The proportions somehow seem a little off, to me...just not my cup of tea, I guess, though I usually adore your choice of footwear. Piperlime had many other high shaft boots that that I liked much better and that seemed more "blackbird-esque" to me. But I'm just one peron, so what do I know?

(WV is dedlethd, which is the sound of me voicing my opinion on this one...)
Hilary said…
I like the boots a lot, but I tend to prefer heels, so I am voting for the wedge heeled ones....
Anonymous said…
Those are fine boots. My German calves would never fit in them, but I like their look. Classic and sleek.
The beach is pretty in spite of the flat sand.
And I don't blame you one bit for being sunburned and lazy. Enjoy that.
Anonymous said…
Love the boots! Super chic--imagine with a skirt and tights.
Poppy B. said…
I'm just here to say hello to Paola. Hi Paola! :D
Anonymous said…
I love the boots, and I love 30 Rock and Liz Lemon and Tina Fey.

Carol in TX
Anonymous said…
I think the boots are boring, bb. But sometimes classic is sort of boring, so maybe that's okay.

I love 30 Rock. But I love Community and P&R even more.

Anonymous said…
I liked the boots very much, right up until the time I browsed through the other options on that site. Still, they are classic and very clean looking, and I think they would go with just about everything.

RW said…
I like them.
Do I love them?
They are safe. And will probably be a wonderful addition to your fashion arsenal.