guess what I'm watching

It's Wednesday!
The new Survivor night!
Ozzy and Coach are playing!
We don't remember who Ozzy is. Coach? We'd rather forget.
Sorry, it's true.

So, there's a geek, an old guy (51, oy), a mortician, Russell's nephew.
18 people, 39 days, ONE SURVIVOR.

We notice immediately that the tribes are wearing the same colors. There's a blue team and a red team.
Brandon decides he's never going to tell his team what his last name is - he's Russell's nephew.
Ozzy is a good fisherman we hear. Coach does his crazy zen thing.
One player says that these seasoned players are "temporary."
The geek guy is such a Bill Gates! His name is Cochran and he is a Survivor aficionado.
Coach goes to the blue team, Ozzy goes to the red.
Coach realizes that his team isn't happy to see him.
Ozzy, on the other hand, gets a warm welcome.
Right off, Ozzy and Coach must complete an obstacle course and do a puzzle for a reward of taro root and flint.
The physical part is pretty even but the puzzle is hard as hell but Ozzy, with the help of his team, wins.
It's a good win, too, as we know it will bind it to his team.
Coach's team is bummed.
Will he be the first to go home?

The red team feel celebratory. They look to Ozzy for advice on camp placement and learn about each other. The Harvard geek guy, the poet girl, Semhar - Ozzy is drawn to her as someone he'd like to play with for the long haul. They decide to swim and relax. In their underwear. Which embarrasses Harvard Geek Guy.

The blue team is all about losing and rejecting Coach. He makes a speech about how he isn't a threat. They decide to discuss their backgrounds and discuss their strengths. They work on building a shelter. Edna likes Coach and feels that he's an asset, but she may be the only person who does. Christine goes to look for firewood but is really looking for the immunity idol and this makes her a target.

The red team discuss their personal life whilst bathing. They each have interesting stories. Jim has money. The gay former cop bares all and is a team player. Dawn worries about having shelter.

The blue team starts asking Russell's nephew questions which makes him nervous. They're building a shelter and Mikayla works hard up on the roof which, for some reason, makes RN nervous.

The night is starry and beautiful. Five members of the blue team poke fun at Coach and they talk for a while. He boasts of how having a strong five members will carry a team far. They agree that first day alliances are important.

In the morning, the red team have accidents with their fire and Dawn is having a hard time but the other old person tells her to be strong. She is very emotional with Ozzy and it's sort of sad. She breaks down and cries. Mark (he's the other "old" person) is worried. Ozzy works to reassure her and calm her down. He sees himself as the anchor for his team.
The team works on shelter and tooth brushing and finding food.
Cochran works his geek charm to get in good with the team.

Brandon (Russell nephew) catches a fish. He's going to keep his shirt on so they don't know who he is. Oldest says Sophie is a "rough biscuit." "She fell out the ugly tree and every branch hit her on the way down." Ooof!  Mean words!

It's time for a challenge and, I hate to tell you, I've lost track of the rules. It's basketball. And obstacles.
It's a tough challenge but the teams are neck and neck. Oooh, the coconut release section is so cool!
The basketball part is equally as exciting. The blue team wins!
Jeff gives them the idol and tells them about a clue to the location of the idol at camp.

Someone from the red team (I hope you don't expect me to know the name of the team) must go home and the pretty poet girl seems to be on the chopping block.

Christine, on the blue tribe, who sounds like Marissa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny, starts talkin about the Immunity Idol. Then, other people start talkin bout it. Poet Girl fesses up about how bad she feels about losing the challenge and confronts the tribe mate, Jim,  who called her out on it.  Dawn is worried that they'll vote her out. Perhaps Poet Girl will go as she has been confrontational?
Ozzy seems to be leaning toward Cochran going home. But Semhar (Poetry Girl) is a liability too.
But Cochran...well, he's not exactly a strong team player. And though he may not believe it, he could go home. He's incredulous.

Finally, it's time for Tribal Council...and there is a Redemption Island. Dawn is a little scary looking. And she says some scary things. She's got the crazy eyes.
There's lots of talk but K got home from work and I needed to chat with him.
Ozzy talks about what's an advantage at this point. Dawn says that Cochran is vulnerable. He pushes back. Papa Bear speaks up about Cochran's mistake in the challenge. The attention gets shifted from Semhar to Cochran...and they have some confrontation. Cochran is heartbreaking as he begs to be able to stay.
Time to vote!
Semhar goes home.
Cochran breathes a sigh of relief.
She goes to Redemption Island.

And the soup? Was GREAT.


Grandma Cebe said…
Love the recap. Is it just me, or was last night's episode a bit of a snoozer? Was it an indication of what the season will be like?
NorahS said…
Yay for Survivor! I was surprised Coach could speak Russian.

It's soup weather here, but we are hoping to get a bit more grilling in before we switch to fall food.
Anonymous said…
he's not bill gates. He's woody allen.

Anonymous said…
I am SO with B. Oh my, I declared, it's Survivor's version of Woody Allen!

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Paola said…
All I needed to know was at the bottom.

Soup. Can't wait for winter to enjoy some. As it is we're still in the 90's.
tracy said…
I didn't know Ozzy either...we did miss a season or two, but I have no recollection of him whatsoever. Also, it seemed weird just bringing back these randoms. Still, won't be able to stop myself watching it.