for Sunday

We've done our chores, though there is still some laundry in the washing machine.
We're planning our lunch, for tomorrow, which we are having on the HighLine with old friends.
OLD old friends. SO OLD!
But, honestly, they may be the only friends we have who have been married longer than us.
We are going to pick up some sandwiches, maybe, from here and some dessert from someplace nearby and meet them and sit and relax and talk. We haven't spent time with them in years - for no particular reason.
It's going to be lovely.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Middle has a shoot in our dining room.

I've been reading the paper, between cleaning and laundering, and have enjoyed this. Make sure you watch the video. It's fascinating and wonderful. Fascinating and wonderful and really makes you think about how your children are educated. Just saying.

I watched this too and it might have to be the movie we see together, as a family, this fall.

I must, absolutely HAVE to, figure out some outfits for next week.
We have an important visitor coming to the office and I need to weed out the summer stuff as it is 60 degrees here. This pleases me.

Youngest and I visited the College Of His Choice (surprise! another Art School) this week. I was a little overwhelmed by the 20 minute video, the 40 minute powerpoint, the 15 minute Q and A and then the 40 minute tour. Youngest adored it all. Now we move on to the application process which I feel much more relaxed about this time around.

I'm done looking at boots, there's nothing I need or want, and I'm digging the sweaters out of the attic.
It's one of my favorite times.


Eleanor said…
The High Line! Sob!! Photos please?
Eleanor said…
That video is awesome. Thanks bb. Can't wait for Mr CB to wake up (early Sunday morning here) so he can watch him too.
L.P. said…
OK, that movie is a must-see for me as well! Will I be able to get my jaded teenagers to watch it? I'm thinking yes.
I was in the city this morning and feeling totally out of place in my cream colored twill jacket and sandals. Everyone is tuned up for fall and wearing black black black.

Sigh. I am so not an all black chick.

However, I did get new boots and a pair of Nike Air for Cole Haahn oxfords. All set for walking.
zephyr said…
i'm so there when that movie opens.
Paola said…
I had the same reaction as Eleanor.
Only, 8 hours later.
Anonymous said…
The Muppets never quit being awesome.
I never quit thinking about how my kids are being educated. Funny to think our problems aren't unique to America.
My brown boots still haven't arrived on my front porch.
And it is getting COLD out.