flowers for Friday, soundtrack: Bon Iver, Holocene

I took the scenic route today.


Mums and cabbages.




Arrangements on their way to an event.



A pack of Belgian firefighters.

In my city for 9/11.


Crazy Mom! said…
I like your scenic route. I'd take a route through flowers every day if I could.

Am trying to avoid 9/11 coverage - it's more than I can bear. I'm sure it's even harder for you.
Paola said…
Did you know that Madonna was given a hydrangea by a fan in Venezia and she put it away caught saying: "I loathe hydrangea". It's been all over the media here.
I say: how can anyone not LOVE hydrangeas?
She's not as interesting to me anymore.

9/11: tough this year. It's always hard, but I guess this will be worse.
Anonymous said…
Your scenic route is gorgeous. And I am in love with your long flowing skirt and cute shoes.
Been chopping at sunflowers in my neck of the woods, too. Without Belgian firefighters, of course.
Anonymous said…
A bandaid... did your new boots give you a blister?
KPB said…
First thing I noticed was the bandaid. What? we love you. I know it makes your neck itch, what can I say.

I heard a story on the news tonight of an Australian contingent of firefighters in NYC. It was one of the first pieces of coverage I have not immediately turned off. I don't know, for some reason the coverage this years seems gratuitous, macabrely intrusive, commercial.

Also, the two little boys are noticing it this year - asking about it. Seeing their faces see that footage over and over. 'Some bad people did a very terrible thing and lots of people died. It made all of us very very sad, and it changed the world forever.'

And I ADORE hydrangeas. How could you not? Did you see the Madonna footage? No class that woman, no class.
Duyvken said…
Thinking of 9/11 a lot. Still so raw, 10 years on.
readersguide said…
Hey! I love those shoes -- and agree, as I already suspected, to tell the truth, that Madonna must be an idiot. I love hydrangeas.