so, now I'm on vacation

What's planned for the rest of the week?

At least two beach trips (wondering what's left of the beach).

Movie with Mom: Bill Cunningham New York.

Cupcakes with Youngest (we have a new bakery).

School-clothes perusing with Youngest.


I don't know what else.

Here. Have a lobster roll while I figure it out.


Crazy Mom! said…
That looks yummy. Since I live in the South, I've never had a lobster roll.

How about catching a up on book reading & sleep?
Hilary said…
Just want to warn you.... the beach is VERY, VERY, VERY buggy... I went for a short walk yesterday and was eaten alive! I am not sure how it is by where you go, but there was a lot of erosion by me...
RW said…
yeah for vacation.

i need to get my daughter to sit down and write out her schedule for fall. she has been avoiding this task for a week and we are on the edge of a small disaster if she does not get this done. tonight. is the night.
Paola said…
No winning lottery ticket I gather. Or else you would have known exactly where to be and what to do all day and night.
Cupcakes will do for now.
Anonymous said…
Sounds restful.

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