random with pictures

A good hat.

I'm very fond.
But which color?

Each has its merits. From CrewCuts.

Youngest took a typography class at art school this summer. I ordered him this shirt.

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I can't wait to visit next weekend while away with K.

Maybe the right jeans. Ann Taylor Loft.

I love the way this swimsuit is modeled.

And I love this dress.

And HELP, please, HELP. I've downloaded this picture of boots...and I luff them...and I don't know where they ARE. Anyone?

Screen shot 2011-08-02 at 2.18.25 PM

Apartment Therapy calls this home, on the Cape, Victorian Rustic. It occurs to me that my house, a Cape, is Victorian Rustic. With a side of messy.


These, last, from my phone.
Cool skater dude. I see him every day.


Maxis everywhere and all of them lovely.


Her mani/pedicure matched the bag and she looked gorgeous.

great top

A wonderful top of the kind I'd never see/buy/pull off. Flowing and beautiful, she wore it well.


Cool scooter girl. (She should look for the skater guy!)


This exquisite lady was in the coffee shop with her maxi dress and beautiful jewelry and wonderful hair.


A tough shot to get - and good from the back too.


Ohplease, ohplease, oh! please don't eat that greasy left-over-from-this-morning buttered bagel I prayed as the woman sitting next to me unwrapped it from its oily napkins. But she did.
And she watched a movie on her iPhone too.
I should win an award for my restraint.


Duyvken said…
I have 2 of those flowy tops with cut in necklines that she's wearing. They were wonderful pregnancy wear over the summer but aren't actually maternity tops. Not sure how to wear them this coming summer without looking pregnant again but will have to try. Any tips?
Paola said…
Along with notes from the commute, this is one of my favourite series post of yours.
I smiled when you mentioned your upcoming couple weekend.
Gorgeous shots, as usual ...
RW said…
I Love The Dress.
Good luck with the boots.
and the cheese shopping.
zephyr said…
i SO envy scooter girl.
Liz said…
I saw this a couple of days ago and really like it, it isn't exactly like your boots.
Alysha in Seattle said…
I never comment, but I finally have to tell you the sharing of your commute photos are my very favorite bits. Thank you!
Unknown said…
Those BOOTS!! DO WANT! If you find out where they're from, please let me know.

(p.s. Did not get the #1 choice job. Very disappointing. *sigh* Onward!)
Hilary said…
I love the maxi dresses... as for the last picture... **GAG**
Stephanie said…
just wanted to say hello to you, bb. :)
Anonymous said…
It disturbs me a little that some of your candid photos show the faces of these people. Given their nature, I'm assuming they are unaware they will be posted on your blog.
blackbird said…
Dear Anonymous,

I try very hard to shoot great outfits without faces - skater guy turned toward me when I did not expect him to...but it's always good to hear from you.