my eagle has landed

K drove me to the airport this morning. Do you know, every time I fly to Chicago my flight gets in so early that I give Poppy a fright?
S'truth. They announce that we'll be arriving early and I'll text her and she'll have to jump in her car and RACE to get me.

Last night a co-worker texted me to say that the airlines had dropped the restrictions on cheap tickets and were rescheduling people's flights. But when I called they said there were no seats.
I decided to keep my Sunday return ticket and wait for more news.
So. I arrived at the airport and went and found my gate.
Then I went to see the lady at the check in desk...
I am supposed to return on Sunday evening, I said.
Oh, you think so? She smiled at me.
They told me, on the phone that there are no seats for Monday...I made a sad face.
Well I have been working here for 35 years and I can DO WHATEVER I WANT.
She tapped away at her computer and handed me a ticket for Monday. 11:05.
I could have kissed her.
Sadly, other passengers overheard me and the poor woman was quickly swamped.

But all's well. Poppy hopped in the car and found me.
We've had a lovely lunch and we've been shopping and we are preparing for a party.
And my boys?
Well, I'm hoping they don't float away...(though K has done extensive work on the pumps and everything is ready for The Storm Of The Century.


zephyr said…
i'm glad to learn Irene is good for something=you get an extra day!!
Unknown said…
Have a wonderfully glorious time!
unmitigated me said…
I recognize that view!
Liz said…
I love Chicago! lived there for 2 years. Now we have visitors from there for a week. Have a wonderful time. :)
Paola said…
What a view!!!
Let the party begin then ...

and if you want to know wy WV if MINGLE ...
Mary said…
I think that the hurricane had lost some intensity as I write this but my word you have been in my thoughts.

Enjoy Chicago.
Jennifer said…
I have been thinking of you and your family... Stay safe!
Poppy B. said…
If you look really closely, you can see what people are watching on television!!!!!

BTW the cable guy had to come here today. He did what he could, and now I have to call the Tivo people.

(I know what you're thinking--what's with all the flat screens and no actual television to watch?)