my bag is packed

I don't foresee any problems going to Chicago, it's the return on Sunday that may become interesting.

I'm glad Middle won't be at work (in a skyscraper).

I procrastinated all week about what to bring and then did a terrible job of packing by tossing all my favorite things in a bag. Fortunately, all my favorite things match.


Ginnie said…
I heard on the evening news that officials are considering evacuations in the big city near Tuvalu.

Safe traveling, for everyone.
L.P. said…
Have a great time in Chicago, and may everyone be safe.
Duyvken said…
Enjoy! And hopefully Irene won't come too close. My cousin, who also lives near Tuvalu is quite nervous.
Paola said…
Now this is committment!
Irene who???
You go rock Chicago and enjoy your gorgeous friends.
Have fun and be safe!!!
zephyr said…
You're braver than me. Thought you'd postpone...but...maybe it's a great excuse to stay a couple of days longer?!
Have FUN!!