I think we got everything done over the weekend.
There is an ominous crack in our dining room ceiling (I feel the need to report) which we suspect is the result of a leak in the (semi)new shower upstairs. This will, undoubtedly, lead to tearing out the ceiling in the dining room and, sadly, the floor in the bathroom. (To be perfectly honest, the floor was not installed correctly and I will not be sad to see it go. I will be sad to pay for a new one.)
Anyway, that's for another time.
We worked hard! The basement is a thing of beauty (Angie! Now is your chance!), the laundry is done and I have a general idea of what I'm bringing to Chicago.
AND, I found my long lost leather skirt.

This has got to be the least flattering photo of me ever in the world!
Never mind.
I mean to wear it with a short sweater and a shirt. Thusly:

Look! (off topic)
Here's me and Middle interacting on the train.

I've been browsing boots for weeks now.


I want these, but I need to find them for about $1200 less. Get on that, will you?

Can you spot the only thing that is K's?

We took a scooter trip to pick up supplies and discovered that

K's Sushi Plus is just a few shops down from


I do believe K and I have sat next to this Justin fellow...just sayin.


Anonymous said…
Who is this delightfully snarky advice giver? GREAT boots. Sigh.

Crazy Mom! said…
I read that advice column today in the Times and laughed.

Sorry about the floor/ceiling - $$!
KPB said…
I'm choosing to ignore the floor/ceiling issue because that just sounds expensive and well, that just makes me hot, and not in a good way.

I am sorry but that towel guy is RUDE and WEIRD. It's the beach dude, get used to it. He'd be eaten alive on a Sydney beach doing that. And not by a great white. Unless you're talking about me, in which case...
Scot said…
Sushi Plus what?
Sushi Plus rice, wasabi, sake and, maybe a nice warm hand towel= Good.
Sushi Plus karaoke= bad :o(
Sushi Plus Italian food = you'd better get that bathroom floor fixed quickly!
Ginnie said…
Bummer about the ceiling.
I think your faux cankles pic was worse.
And K's item? Could it be the "not black" one in the first pic?
Hope we have great weather for you this weekend!
Hilary said…
I feel your shower / leak pain... Been there this summer.... I broke the shower, by twisting the faucet too hard. It caused a leak underneath. Which caused us to remove the ceiling to find / fix it… Which made us realize the header that held up the upstairs floor was warping. Which caused us to need a new header... it was the never ending project...But at least it was fixed. Unlike the other leaks we have that we have been trying to find/ fix for years.... good luck!
Susie Sunshine said…
I want to see the basement in its natural state, not after you guys have hidden all the interesting stuff!

Are you bringing your leathers to Chicago to add some edge to Poppy's cocktail party?
Anonymous said…
Love the clothesline shot.
Am fawning over some brown boots myself of late.
Beach turf wars. I can imagine it.
Does K own the Jorts? Do people say Jorts in Tuvalu or is that a Florida term for Jean Shorts?

Nice tomatoes back there by the clothesline!