long week! short weekend!

Not really - it's just that I have the happy problem of going out of town next weekend and, so, as I was having a luxuriously relaxing weekend away last week, there are many house-chores to be done this weekend.
And where am I venturing on Friday?!
As one of my birthday presents from K, I got tickets to see the gals.
And what am I going to do in Chicago?
I'm hoping to do some lazy floating in Jen's pool, I'm attending a retro Tupperware party at Wendy's, and drinking my weight at a Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail party at Poppy's (Poppy's deluxe apartment barely survived a horrific fire).
So, not only do I have laundry piled high, sticky floors and grocery shopping to do (I have a date with Youngest) but I have outfits to plan!

Two highlights from yesterday:


This breathtaking creature rocking the long, black linen dress. A fast walker, but I caught up with her.


Lunch with my lovely, and only, cousin E and her adorable baby F, at which she altered the family icebox cake recipe and made icebox cookies!
I'm planning on making some for the boys later today.


I want the lady-in-the-dress beautiful hair AND the icebox cookies!
L.P. said…
Enjoy your trip, sounds like you will have a great time! Chicago is my hometown-- and both of my little chickens were born there (DS on Lake Shore Drive in the middle of the night, but he's tired of me telling that story).
Anonymous said…
Happy problems is a good way to describe those stressers.

Those treats on the rectangular plates are making me feel very happy right now.

Paola said…
We should name this yearly Chicago event ... hmmm ...
Chicago funfest (2011)
Chicago: THE weekend (2011)
MeetmeinChicago (2011)
The Blog Pack (2011)
Lazy dayz (2011)

It's too hot and I can't think of anything else ...
Anonymous said…
Your weekend ahead sounds grand--retro Tupperware! I'm seeing shades of puke green and dull orange in your future...
That woman's hair is magnificent.