about my hair

'Tis silvery and white, my hair, and stunningly dark underneath, in the back.
My bangs (fringe) have grown out and brush my eyes, leaving me to pin them back.
I shouldn't have had layers cut into it as it is now difficult to manage but I thought it would make the changing color less abrupt.
I asked K, last evening, if he thought I should let the fringe keep growing or trim it and he pointed out that I look like Richard Avedon.

Richard Avedon

He ain't (as they say) just whistling Dixie.


NorahS said…
What a sense of humor, that K. I am pondering what to do with my hair. I have worn it short short short for years, and it is time for a change.
Paola said…
Oh K ...
Anonymous said…
...minus the chest hair, of course.
Elan Morgan said…
This made me laugh out loud. Ha!

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