He learned to sing his own song,
he learned to tell his own story...

...and he found in his hopes and dreams, 
his own special purpose.

The man you've become is so amazing.
The son you've always been 
is so loved.

Happy Birthday to Oldest: a fine son and a wonderful brother.


Duyvken said…
Happy birthday Oldest. We are entering birthday season here chez Duyvken too!
Kathy said…
Happy birthday to Oldest!! I am quite fond of him, you know.
RW said…
an august birthday is one of the best.
Happy Birthday to Oldest. I think I would like him.
Anonymous said…
Cheers, Oldest. Here's to a happy and healthy year.

What a loving tribute too. bb, you just have such a nice way about you. Big hearts to you (and K) for raising such good young men.

Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Oldest! I am exactly a week older than you. Well, a week and a [very fe--, er, many years)
Paola said…
Buon compleanno mio caro!
Adventure Otaku said…
would you believe I don't have my godsons phone number. and your not on iChat. give him a kick for me and tell him his godfather says happy birthday. That and don't ever let anyone outside the family know what he is thinking (that would be a godfather (movie) quote.

Scot said…
What a beautiful post.
That such great parents have produced such an awesome child comes as no suprise.

Oldest, its always the journey that is the most important, not the final destination. From the forceps to the stone, every step is a lesson. Never stop learning.
Never stop being awesome.
Anonymous said…
Happy Day, dear Oldest!

Hilary said…
ahhhhh... happy birthday oldest!
Anonymous said…
Many Happy Returns!
He sounds as though he's earned his merit early in life. Bravo!