"This is what happens when you don't want a party."

So, I took off work yesterday.
We are given a birthday day off and I took it yesterday.
This morning, I arrived to this:


As I'm not sure you will comprehend the magnitude of this, I can further illustrate.

On Friday I told my boss that I would not be in on Monday.
Because it's your birthday? he asked.
Our birthdays have never been discussed before this year. Before I arranged a surprise party for his birthday last month.
I explained that I was taking the day because he would be out of the office and, I supposed, because I could, because we are offered our birthdays off.

He called me later that day and asked me to leave our office door unlocked. Said he wanted to come in in the afternoon, after we had closed to catch up on some paperwork.
It wasn't an unusual request. I left the door unlocked.

This morning I arrived...


and was overwhelmed.


My office had been "foiled."

Every. Single. Thing. Every piece of paper. Every pushpin, every pencil. Foiled.

It was brilliant.


It was blinding.


It took my dear friends C and D over three hours to accomplish this
and they had the balls to take pictures of themselves afterward.


On my desk was a package, wrapped in foil, with a black ribbon. Inside, a beautiful little glass box with a ball of foil in it, with a note in that, which read: This is what happens when you don't want a party.


I adore it.
Though, by three o'clock I had a wee little headache from the glare.

I can only exclaim what each of us has said upon occasion about the place where we work: how lucky am I?

As for my boss, the big fat liar, he brought me a beautiful hand-thrown bowl. It's gorgeous.


Scot said…
You're very lucky to work with people who care so much about you.
AND, its recyclable!
Jan said…
What a wonderful, memorable surprise! Happy birthday, BB!
NorahS said…
oh.my.gosh. they luv you, they really luv you! so fun that your boss was in on it.
Crazy Mom! said…

This is so great!

I used to work for people who did this for anyone who reached a decade birthday - people would come in to find their cubicle filled up 4 ft tall with shredded paper. Or find their office had been turned into a beach, complete with sand and filled kiddie pool (with desk chair in the pool).

Enjoy your friends
Scot said…
I've been thinking.
Just as we could smell the dust and tweed hats in Alice's post, I can hear the crinkly horror and tearing sounds from yours. Ugh.
Laura Jane said…
Oh MY!!!!

How alarming - where does one GET that much foil?
zephyr said…
AWESOME!...and yes, you work with the best people ever.
Anonymous said…
FOILED! That is brilliant! You work with the best crew.
KPB said…
Well that is just bloody awesome.
Hilary said…
Happy Birthday! You work in the coolest place!
robiewankenobie said…
oh that's true love. i can't wait to see how you true love them back.
Susie Sunshine said…
It must have been like ripping open Jiffy Pop the first time the phone rang!
Eleanor said…
Happy birthday!!!!

E x
Anonymous said…
This just takes my affection for mirrored furniture to a whole new level. I luff what they've done for you, and I think it photographs beautifully.


tut-tut said…
that is true love
Miz S said…
Wow...just, wow.
Paola said…
... and they're VERY cute to top it all ...
I am starting to be a wee bit jealous ...
L.P. said…
Wow. How great to work with people with a sense of the absurd! :)
Suse said…
Far out. I saw the shot of the woman in the foil filled office on your flickrstream and thought it was some modern art installation.

I never dreamed it was YOUR office, and your FRIENDS had done it! Brilliant. Hilarious, and brilliant.
Rae said…
What?!?! I've never heard of such a cool thing. Of course, i'm thinking, bb must be amazing to work with, to have her coworkers take so much trouble for her birthday.

Happy birthday, dear one.