The scene: driving home from the beach

The players: Middle, Youngest, bb and K

The conversation: cats

Middle (to Youngest): have you seen the DJ kittens?

bb: I know you're talking about something different but I just don't find anything with cats on the internet interesting. Especially blogs. As soon as someone starts blogging stuff their cat is doing, I'm out.

Middle: What about leopards? 

bb: I don't care about leopards.

Youngest: Imagine if we had a pet leopard? We could tie it to a cinderblock in the back yard.

bb: No, I'm pretty sure, from all the footage I've seen of crazy people with big cats at their house -

Middle: Like Tommy Lee...

bb: ... is that they are free-range and the people have really high chain-link fence. We'd need some chain link fence. Can you imagine the poop?And what do you feed them?

Middle: Steak. And do you know how much steak you feed a leopard?

bb: ...

Middle: As much as it wants.


Rae said…
"What about leopards?" Awesome.
KPB said…
I quite fancy a tiger. Tigers are pretty.

"as much as it wants"

NorahS said…
I feel the same way about cats and blogs. Especially cats and quilt blogs.

(My word is "loneur." Yep.)
Ali said…
Slinking off to pet my kitty....
Anonymous said…

Love ya,
Miz S said…
As a birthday present to you, I didn't post any cat pictures yesterday or today.

I can't promise about tomorrow.
Paola said…
... why so hush hush ... ?
I'm sending all my love and hugs and kisses.

Sorry to state I love all feline, will you still accept me?
zephyr said…
Anonymous said…
*groan* Makes me think of the joke G told me the other day--What's invisible and smells like bananas?

Monkey farts.

I so dig your sons. I hope mine are that cool when they become their age.

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