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It's only 97 so I can think a little better today.
I had breakfast with my IRL pal K (not K, my girlfriend K). I had a BLT which, let me tell you, is the perfect choice when it's this hot out.
I'll shut up about the heat except for one more thing: I'm proud of us for not using the giant downstairs AC unit until today. Money = tight.
IRL, K, AC. You're following me, right?

And, speaking of following, each of us had to walk at least a mile yesterday (103) as our commutes were all mangled. Oldest had to be in town after K, who scooted and had to be in town before Middle, but way before Youngest. It was kooky but we all managed.

I saw a few good things on my way to the station (which I walked to slowly whilst exclaiming on the hotness, to myself).

The lady with the red bag


got off the bus and was greeted with a big hug by the other lady. They were dressed in exactly the same outfit and I laughed out loud when I walked past them. Red-bag lady (the mom) said: we didn't even realize! Mom had come in from DC to visit. They were cute!

Then I saw some great-looking ladies in the station.



In the second picture, each of those people had a tall, cool beer. But none of those khaki-men looked as cool as the blond in the fabulous skirt.

I stood near this guy whilst awaiting my track to be called.


They wear an amazing amount of gear, those soldiers. Heavy looking gear. I still can't decide if I feel safer around them or afraid. I noticed that their pistols are wired onto their pants with a twisty cord. I'm guessing so no one can grab them? (Middle says it's so they can't drop them.)

On a completely unrelated note, have I mentioned that I'm a member of some shopping sites? There's some good stuff out there, though I'm not shopping right now, and I think it's worth mentioning.

At The Foundary:


this is a good deal on sheets and they have every size. Personally, I'm not sure I could feel the difference between 250 thread-count and 650, but that's just me.


This is a great deal on this bench (and, if anyone feels like sending it to me, the bench on our porch is completely rotted) and there's more where that came from.

These are pretty interesting too -


not sure I get the scarves/flasks relationship but they're pretty.

Finally, I saw this on Pinterest.



Wait. One last thing. Go to the Dos Equis site, punch in your fake age, and watch the newest Most Interesting Man In The World commercials. Great stuff.

Stay cool, people.


zephyr said…
It's fine with me if you keep whingeing about the heat. It's horrible. 109F in the parking lot when we came out of the movie theater yesterday at 2 pm. 102F in our own garden when we got home.
It's so. not. right.
Mary said…
I love that image of you walking slowly to the station , commenting to yourself on the heat.

I can't believe how much I am enjoying your photos of fashion!
Anonymous said…
I love your street and station photos. (Saves me the trouble of coming to NYC.) Saw on the news tonight that the sidewalks of your city are 147˚ (sun) and 107˚ (shade). Ouch.
robiewankenobie said…
not that we're anything alike, but my mother and i have done that on numerous occasions. my favorite was when i asked my father to excuse me for looking less than polished and then walked in to find my mother dressed in the same outfit.
omg, I'm so stealing that Pinterest sign!
KPB said…
that tall woman with the beer? Stunning. But all that hair? Down on a day in such heat? Makes my neck itch. Imagine how pasty and hot it must feel on her head. Awful.

ALso, that woman in the shift dress? Gorgeous.

And I'm going to remember that text message when the boys are older and us going away for a weekend is a reality.
KPB said…
I would feel safe with those army folk but significantly intimidated. And also, because such a sight is incredibly rare in these here parts, probably quite misty eyed and patriotic. I'm such a sap.
Miz S said…
Amazing, the difference between 97 and 102. I am impressed that you held out on the a/c so long.
Duyvken said…
Ah yes the heat! It is my February friend and foe. And definitely complain because it does make you feel better. I would happily look like both the women in your station photos. Not at all happy with my body at the moment and have to keep reminding myself that I had my 5th baby 4 1/2 months ago. Anyway, how did this become all about me? A
Paola said…
tra la la ... whistle

(I'm trying to make everyone believe I am not hearing about the massive heat for fear it'll hear me and come this way. Because it will, it's been too cool of a summer here and I know it will decend upon us and never ever leave again)
Paola said…
RW said…
I love the idea of hiding money in the messy room. I may just use it myself.

I am hoping some of your heat has moved out west. We had a lovely day yesterday and today promises to be brilliant.

Hoping you get a break soon.
raych said…
That white dress. Why do I not have it?
Hilary said…
I don't go into the city much anymore,but when I do find myself in the station, no matter how much I expect it, I just never can get used to seeing the army guys... The sight of them makes me sad and fearful at the same time....