photo wrap-up


Congratulations are in order! We've won three dollars in the lottery!
Oldest (who has been very busy) wins all the time! $20 here, $30 there, he's got the touch!


The beach was very nice on Friday. K swam. Still too cold for me.


We moved our furniture. Did I already tell you that? We are still dealing with the aftermath.
Now we need a television we can see from across the room. Sadly, this is not in the budget.


Look, I'm still drinking wine in the evening. Grapefruit I can stay away from but wine? Yeah. No.


I'm gloating. A Hummer in the city. Being towed. Hehe.


Mmmmm...dishwasher tablets in New Zealand Springs Scent. Can I possibly describe New Zealand Springs Scent? No.


Why was there aluminum foil in the flour bag?
"We needed a white, powdery substance for the movie."
Of course.

After a wonderful barbecue at MFAOA's house, she offered me one of these!


Where is B?


How many scoops?



Jen said…
Well, I just checked our numbers and we won £2.60. What a lucky week!
Unknown said…
When we did HURLYBURLY in Edinburgh 20+ years ago, I had to snort confectioner's sugar in the scene I was supposedly snorting coke. It was pretty gross, but snorting flour would've been worse, I suppose.

Congrats on the $2! I'm still waiting for Lotto or MegaMillions to come through so I can truly celebrate my independence...

Happy 4th and enjoy the beach!

(WV: bagibag, which makes me laugh)
Paola said…
A win is always a win, even if just $3
I endorse your wine
Lovely sky
giggling @ the Hummer
It's nice to move furniture around and get a new room all the time
That piece of furniture is what you got? Cool.
New Zealand scent MUST be breezy and cool and fresh and misty, no?
Hi B!
Put just as many as you like.
kkc135 said…
It only says "avoid" can't help it if that wine gets in your way!
Anonymous said…
I just returned from the beach--further south the water is tepid divinity.
The Hummer-tow would've made me kick up my heels with glee.
On vacation the house provided those dishwasher tablets--never used them before but feel quite attached to them now.
KPB said…
I always see those instructions on medications as a challenge as opposed to a stipulation.

And why pick on the grapefruit? what about the lemons or the oranges or tangelos for that matter.
New Zealand Springs? That is a very odd name for a scent. I love the picture of the hummer being towed.
Scot - bact to normal, what ever that is! said…
Check it out, Check it out, Check it out!!!!! UpPeR AND lower case keys!!!!! I finally took my keyboard apart, (not recomended)there was a dead spider in it! Damn spider!
Anyway, what kind of tea did you say that was? I just discovered Instant Lipton Iced Green Tea with Blackberry Pomegranate & other natural flavors(really, I think they could have named it something shorter but you know how corporate America is!)This stuff is killer! On any given day I'll drink 5 or 6 different things, now I have 7. Yay!
Tell Oldest that I'm going to start sending him money and he can buy my lottory tickets. My luck in the lottery will never get me to Europe - I still want to eat my way thru that continent!

My secret password is capto.
Miz S said…
I love, love, LOVE that piece of furniture but I don't know what to call it. I want it sooooooo much. I want to know what you will put in the drawers.
dan renzi said…
This isn't about your photos. But it's about one of the issues you think are most important in society today:

I immediately came to your page because I thought of you. See how you affect the minds of America?
Anonymous said…
How is K there and at the beach? Confused...

If you got a card catalog (if that's what that is), you are lucky indeed.

Scot's comment is lol funny.

Anonymous said…
Oh wait. K is for your tall, gorgeous husband. B is your intrepid brother. No longer confused, just slightly alpha-challenged.

L.P. said…
Great street snaps! Love, love, love the card catalog-thingy) and the Python reference on the tea canister. Seeing a hummer being towed gives me a deep, if fleeting, sense of satisfaction.