off water and on his way home

I don't know if you've followed B's expedition but he's out of the water on on his way home with stories to tell and another successful trip under his belt.
There was a bear attack in Alaska last weekend and though everyone will eventually be fine it certainly seems as though it was harrowing. I'm grateful knowing that B has a vast amount of training and is prepared, when heading out, for many eventualities. I'm also grateful he hasn't had to use his training in such an emergency. NOLS instructors (which he is also) are well trained and I'm certain things could have been worse had NOLS instructors not been involved in this situation.
Don't I sound like a know-it-all? In truth, I've been chatting with B as I wanted his opinion on what happened.
And here? In Tuvalu?
A mystery package*...some slight boredom at work...matte nail polish...the end of Youngest's art classes, and slightly cooler temperatures.

I'm contemplating a new pair of jeans for the fall - like school clothes, but I don't want boot-cut jeans, I don't think. I want straight, slightly baggy jeans, and I'm not spending anything close to $100.

*more on this later!


Scot said…
Honestly, I'm not trying to be a smart-ass but $100 for jeans! Seriously? I can get a pair of Levi's for half that. I guess my question is, do Levi's not make nice women's jeans?
Also, what does NOLS stand for?
Paola said…
I am not an outdoorsie ... so I appreciate and admire B a LOT. A bear attack ...

Lately I only shop online on outlet sites, it's great, cheaper, I don't need a car to travel for hundred miles (YAY!!!) and they have nice stuff.
You MUST have such a thing.
blackbird said…
Scot: Levis women's jeans are about $78 - I'll be trying on some men's too.

NOLS = National Outdoor Leadership School
zephyr said…
Bears are scary, even our smaller (than those Alaskan ones) black bear that visits our garden. i never get used to how big he or she is.

as i've said before...admire your brother!!
Poppy B. said…
I'd switch the current state of my basement for a bear attack any day. Just sayin'.

For jeans, I'd suggest straight leg. If you want to try them on first, I'd try the Gap, J. Crew, and Banana Republic. You can also get Levi 512s from for $35.
Ginnie said…
Lee Riders for Women - under $20. (At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, they are available at Walmart.)
L.P. said…
Classic Levis sound like the way to go. Unless (and I'm bragging a bit here) like me, you totally score and find a pair of APC jeans in your size at Goodwill for $18.
Anonymous said…
I got some jeans I love at LL Bean for $20 each w/ free shipping. Think they have petites, too.

Anonymous said…
While camping in Wyoming earlier this summer I read Night of the Grizzlies, a non-fiction account of the first fatal grizzly attack in Glacier National Park, which occurred in 1967. I was happy to believe there are no grizzlies in the Big Horns, where we were, and also happy I hadn't read the book last summer when we spent 2 weeks just outside of Glacier.

Poor grizzlies used to roam most of the western US, I think; human habitation keeps forcing them farther and farther north.
Anonymous said…
On the topic of your brother: I am in awe of the seriously outdoorsy people. Wow.

On the topic of jeans: I bought some Levis from Tractor Supply Co. because I wanted straight leg, kind of baggy, too. Sadly, they're too "blue/crisp/new" looking for a while, so I have to break them in. I'm hankering for what you speak of, but am too lazy to look hard for them.