notes from the office

My boss is away three days a week this month. I'm taking the opportunity to de-clutter his office.
Temperatures have been hovering near 90, which makes it difficult to put together outfits, and I am now commuting with Middle and Youngest as his art school is now in session.

A newer office friend is struggling (actually, she's just very focused and working very hard) with a huge project, due in about a week. My friend C and I try to think of things to cheer her. Last week, C gave her a tiny Hello Kitty to hug and hold for comfort. D worked all weekend and C returned to her desk on Monday to see this:

Hello Kitty had killed herself.

I had a terrible time, on the phone yesterday, connecting with a caller who wanted to speak with my boss. She'd call and I'd answer and there'd be tons of static and strange noises. After four attempts, she made herself heard and I put her through.
Punchline: she was calling from a beach in Normandy.
It sort of put a slant on the rest of my day.

Down the hall there's a guy doing a project with ILM. He's got this great picture on his door:


I know. A little out of focus.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen,

a forlorn fruit basket goes wanting.


Poppy B. said…
You work with the most creative people ever! I'm stealing the home-made yellow police crime scene tape idea. I'll print some up and then decoupage it to the bathroom door.
Crazy Mom! said…
Your office looks like so much more fun than mine. I've worked in fun places, but this one sucks big ones. We are continuously receiving memos about What We Must Not Do.

I used to work in an office where I had a gigantic toy collection in one corner, mostly happy meal prizes, to amuse the child at heart folks plus the occasional actual child.

Not only can we not have toys, but no children either.

Love the late Hello Kitty.
Paola said…
That Hello Kitty crime scene is PRICELESS.
You really are all creative, fun, cool people.
Unknown said…
Yes! (to it all...)

I must re-post the Hello Kitty suicide scene. I have too many friends who'd love it. I will give you & your co-workers full credit
Scot said…
Ginnie said…
Gosh. Even Kitty's perky cowgirl outfit couldn't save her. Or, wait. Is that a tiny six shooter I see in her paw? Methinks the outfit was her undoing.
Duyvken said…
cellophane, two apples and an orange does not a fruit basket make.
Giggling about Hello Kitty - you work in a great place, bb!
Anonymous said…
I dig your workplace humor.
And that beach in Normandy phone call would have made me think twice, too.
KPB said…
ZOMG. You know the obsession my boys have with trains? And the train obsession FRENZY about Back to the Future III? That we have to watch over and over but only from just before The Train Scene? Oh my. Just seeing that pic made MY heart race.
KPB said…
I keep looking at that pathetic attempt at a fruit basket - and all I can think of is the Simpsons episode where you can't make friends with salad. I'd suggest you could add fruit baskets to that.

And Hello Kitty still shits me. So hilarious what you and your workmates get up to - oh to work with creative, funny people.