It's been kind of funny over here. Not haha funny, strange funny.
We've had bad news about a few friends and this weighs on me, work is still slow for K and we are (or I am) feeling a little stretched emotionally.

Our weekly beach trip, which usually does a nice job of de-stressing us, was cut terribly short as we were plagued by flies. (Back at the office, today, I learned of several others who experienced the same insect issue at their beaches.) We only managed to stay a couple of hours.
Youngest is finishing up his time at art school and both Middle and Oldest have been very busy - much of their work being outdoors in the heat, which has worried me.

Still, I can put a good face on things...Middle has gotten a raise, K has several prospects, Oldest is busy and happy, Youngest is well, and I am looking forward to two trips.

I was reading my archives over the weekend, specifically the posts from just before I went to work.
I made promises about continuing to write here and, on some level, I've kept them.
But, on the other hand, I've had to fold to the pressure of being at work every day.
I used to be able to devote so much of my time to posting and it just isn't possible now.
My head is in a different place.
I find myself posting the same things over and over.
Woe is me.

It's cooler tonight.
The windows are open and there's a slight breeze and this is enough.


Anonymous said…
I haven't felt that sense of redundancy coming here...
glad you have some good balancing the grief life hands you.
Liz said…
Even you don't write a word, I will be happy with the photos you take on your way to work, or back.
Kathy said…
Dude, my hat is off to you for blogging AT ALL while working full-time. I could not do it.
Poppy B. said…

Hang in there, bird!
Ali said…
Whenever I get sucked into my own archives, I am plagued by the thought that I used to write better, to be more interesting.

But in contrast, I still enjoy visiting you just as much - blogs are a reflection of the reality of life - holding down a demanding job and blogging at all is nothing short of miraculous, especially with a family too.

Feel the breeze and carry on.
Paola said…
You think you're not blogging ENOUGH or as you did ...

I didn't see ANY change and no it's not true you blog the same things over and over. In fact you're always an inspiration for many of us (if you all allow me) and I find so many gorgeous things besides your charming personality here.

It's just a cloud fogging your day.

Tomorrow it'll be gone, swepted away by the breeze.
Paola said…

Unknown said…
These most recent challenges, too, shall pass; the blues will depart and the skies will once again be clear.

Rest assured you are not repeating yourself, even if you may sometimes feel that way. Count me among the legion of fans who are always happy for the opportunity to glimpse the world through your exquisite eyes.

Hang in there, bb!
Miz S said…
Posting regularly while working full-time is almost impossible for me. I hold you in high regard as still being a very reliable blogger.

Remind your boys to stay hydrated.
Hugs to you and all the birds. Midsummer doldrums abound in this soupy atmosphere. The blog - a natural evolution. It will come back to you. It did to me after months - maybe a year - off and on of despair. Hear you about the flies - the hotter it is, the worse they are.xx00xx
unmitigated me said…
That Paola is very smart.
KPB said…
It's the heat. It starts making you go loopy.
zephyr said…
Those dratted flies!! How dare they rob you of your essential beachrest!

What Paola said. i second it, heartily.
RW said…
Gosh. No. I don't think you repeat yourself at all.

Yeah for cooler temps.

Boo for flies.
NorahS said…
I found your blog just as you were starting your job, and it is high on my list of favorites. High, I tell you!
robiewankenobie said…
i don't think your posts are any less interesting. less frequent? yes. can you settle for quality over quantity?
Ginnie said…
Keep breathing, bb! I love reading your posts, no matter the frequency or subject matter - you have a unique view of life's events, large or small, beautifully expressed.

Hope we all get a break in the heat and in some of the not-so-pleasant aspects of life.
alice c said…
Sometimes work makes blogging easy and sometimes it makes it hard. The same is true of life. You once told me to write through the ups, the downs and the flat places. It was good advice.
Mary said…
I have loved how you have managed to make us feel as included in this phase of your life as you did before the current job.

And the last two sentences are pure bb.
I don't think your blog has suffered since you started working. I love all the descriptions of what you observe out there in the big city.

Tell Middle and Oldest to stay hydrated.

The "beach pest" down here today was a Lemon Shark.In certain light and certain depths of water, it looks like the surface of a lemon. Two Red Flags! Everyone out of the water!
Anonymous said…
You have the best blog ever. You are just too hot, that's all. I will wish for a cool breeze for you and yours too. And for prospects for K.

Belated wishes for a very happy bb birthday. I have been out of town, and missed the day. Your co-workers are amazingly thoughtful (and thorough!) and it's evident that everyone there hearts you dearly. And your family showered you with very nice birthday love too. Hooray for a trip to Chicago!