Let's walk to the station, shall we?

I took lots of pictures on my way to the station yesterday.


This woman's top was draped perfectly. One shoulder peeked out. And she had black stripes down the sides of her pant-legs.

A bunch of kids in front of the art school that Youngest will be attending as of Monday.


Now wondering when Youngest plans on getting his supplies.

tights and boots

Yes. It was near 90, so hot for tights and boots but she looks good.


One of my favorite summer looks in the city - long dress and sandals.


This tall lady had great ink!


Beautiful strapless top, leggings, sandals. Love it.


Crazy outfit. Possibly crazy lady. She was frogging.


Great outfit, AMAZING shoes. Seriously.




I'm pretty sure that's a China Town Coach...but the dress is great.


Cutecutecute visiting mom and daughter. Note the map.


Beautifulbeautifulbeautiful lady in flowy skirt with flowy hair.


And another! She made me wish for height.

I crossed the last street, went into the station and got the nod from this guy


who was fabulously decked out.
Why the nod?
I wear these headphones.


Duyvken said…
Beautiful mother and daughter, want both their outfits! I just read that Hugh Laurie is the new brand ambassador for L'Oreal. Two of bb's great loves coming together?
Duyvken said…
And what were you listening to on your headphones?
alice c said…
Respect for the headphones. I wish I could pull that look off but I have to make do with the teeny-tiny ones.
Liz said…
Love the dress on the lady that was crossing the street. I got the same headphones that I got recently from icemonkey. Can't stand tiny ones, hurt my ears after wearing them for a while.
Mary said…
Love this post so much. Would it be burdensome to ask you to do more and in every season?

And I wonder how I get my hands on that coach backpack.
RW said…
Those are some serious headphones.
Paola said…
This is the BEST gift you could give me.
A tour of my most beloved city in the whole wide world.

I could NEVER pull off those earphones.
Anonymous said…
If you know about frogging, then you should know that what you and your camera were doing was kinnearing. (It's in urbandictionary.com.)

Please do these posts on a regular basis! I love them.