Let's walk back to the station, shall we?

It's terribly hot in my city.
Have I mentioned that?
I mean, 98 degrees hot, hot.
What are people wearing?
Let's see...


Short skirts and tops, long and drapey whites, and floaty little dresses.


Shorts and cotton plaids.


Splashes of color.


Great little flat shoes.


Light suits.


Little black skirts everywhere - including on me.


And her.


White jeans. With everything.


Maxis with everything.


On everyone.



It's, sort of, a free for all and anything we can do to stay cool.


Anonymous said…
It takes a LOT of courage, in my view, to wear white jeans.
Wendy said…
That last outfit looks so uncomfortable for days like we've been having - chunky lace up shoes and a tight fitting dress. Ugh. Though it does have quite the AC factor going on the lower half.
KPB said…
I've got nothin'. As we have well established it's cold here when it's hot there. The end.
Paola said…
I can't wear black in that kind of heat.
Poppy B. said…
In Chicago, I'm seeing a lot of waffle-weave polo shirts and light-colored cargo pants rolled up. On me, at least.

I also wear white jeans. It makes for a lot of laundry, but they look so much cooler than blue jeans. And looking cool is half the battle, at least for me.
Mary said…
Love the "great little flat shoes."
Anonymous said…
I cannot imagine being in The City when it is 98˚. I was there a few weeks ago when it was mid-80s and humid, and I nearly died. Do you ever get up to the far East Side? That's where #1 Son goes to med school, at Mt. Sinai. He is not comfortable in anything warmer than 60˚ -- thank FMS for a/c.