land ho!

Brother B has landed, I am happy to report, and grateful for all the pings.

He's made it (with a bad cold) to Skagway and is safely "off water."

I've just spoken to him and he's all about a shower, some whiskey and checking in with a doctor to get his cough listened to.

He's still got a cross-country drive ahead of him but we're very pleased he's had a successful expedition.


zephyr said…
i'm totally impressed.
Kathy said…
Yay, B!
Paola said…
Unknown said…
Who are you calling "ho"?? ;)

Glad he made it safely!
Anonymous said…
Except the cold bit.

Miz S said…
Hmmm. Kayaking while sick doesn't sound fun. Then again, I'm sure he's made of sterner stuff than I. Than me?