I've started this post three different times

Just back from the first summer concert. Marches. I love marches.
Spent the day at the beach with K.
Was supposed to have a late afternoon doctor's appointment, not far from the beach, but she canceled.
And I had blown off work to see her and go to the beach.
At least I remembered to apply sun-screen.

I was looking at my stats the other day and realized that I hit a million visitors a few weeks ago. I had meant to keep track and then write something meaningful about it but, as I'm sure you've noticed, it's just not the same here.
In fact, I'm not sure I know anyone from my earliest blogging days for whom it is the same.
Bloggers are all about branding now. Marketing their identities.
Never mind, I don't really feel like discussing this either.

Tomorrow I'm making Crack Pie to take to the annual July 4th festivities.
I need to write a piece on summer hats for BlogHer and then I need to bake a cake and write a post about it for my office blog.

There's laundry too.

Summer is in full swing and B?
Well, he's here.


Rae said…
It's true. Things are changing really quickly, aren't they? Hard to keep up.
Mary said…
The same is happening here in Australia with blogging. I have met some of the new breed and there is just something missing.

Not kindred spirits or something.

Most of the bloggers I know (as you do too) seem to be playing on facebook now.

Paola said…
I don't blog but even I noticed a difference.
Thanks for B's update I love following his trip.
Eleanor said…



How could I not join them here?

Missing you and remembering this time last year in Tuvalu.

E x
KPB said…

Holy crap. If I'd known I would have been putting my lippy on all this time.

And maybe shown a little more respect.


And yes, it has been noted and discussed at length here. How it's all different.

I figured it's only different if we let it be different. So I'm just going to blog the way I blog. And all those 'branding monetising wannabes' can eat my shorts.
KPB said…
And you know something - all this time I've been getting Rae (Journey Mama) mixed up with Soulemama.

raych said…
I am too old and tired for branding. I just want to blog my shit and call it a day, come hell or high totals.

Also, crack pie: I must have it.
zephyr said…
And don't get me started on what Twitter is not...


Summer hats. i'm the least fashionable person around, however, i do love my new Tilley TH8--natural/without the black trim (if i wanted a Kaminski, that's what i would buy). i love it. It's fabulous for those of us who need a casual hat everyday, cannot fit into (under?) "one size fits most", and don't wish to look like a man.
Amy A. said…
I haven't posted on my own blog since Christmas. I still read all my favorites from when I started (you included) and have some favorite new sites, but it's more like reading magazines now.

I feel like I need to post what I wore or a tutorial on how I did my makeup. Which is fun, but I don't think I have that in me.

Just so you now, you are still my first click every morning. :) It's not the same,but it's still good.